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SF's Unstable Housing Equilibrium

Much as I hate to say it, TechCrunch has a surprisingly thoughtful and insightful piece on the housing crisis in San Francisco.  I loved living in San Francisco, and what’s happening there makes me sad.   246 more words

Theories Of Politics

The Impossible Dream of Federalized Education

On pure policy terms, I like the idea of federalizing education spending, as Felix Salmon.  It will almost certainly result in more educational equity, a good thing in and of itself.   463 more words

Theories Of Politics

"Hashtag Activism" or Hashtag "Activism"?

I was vaguely aware of the little #CancelColbert Twitter tempest-in-a-teapot. Sorry, should I say #TwitterTeapotTempest?  Apparently while mocking Dan Snyder’s miserable efforts to make “Washington Redskins” socially acceptable, Colbert (in character) used some words that annoyed some people.   440 more words

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Should we ask Supreme Court Justices to Retire?

Seth Masket ably makes the case for lobbying elderly Supreme Court Justices to step down.  Ginsburg and Breyer are quite elderly, and to be frank about it, are unlikely to make it to the next Democratic President after Obama.   252 more words

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Myths of Small Government

The New York Times has a pretty local and pretty disgusting story on a vacant lot in New York City.  The local assemblyman for the Lower East Side, Sheldon Silver, is a well-known and well-respected politician representing a very ethnically diverse district.   258 more words

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American Democracy Comes to France

There’s a great piece in the Times today by Sasha Issenberg about how the American model of primaries is going worldwide.  The reason why it’s particularly interesting is why – it’s not so much an ideological reason or a wave of good-government stuff.   309 more words

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Today in Abuse of Social Science

“Campaign Donations Buy Politicians, Says Science“. The actual survey described does this:

Kalla and Broockman worked with CREDO Action, a progressive organizing group you may be aware of, to develop a pitch for a meeting with Congressional staff that they sent out to 191 Congressional offices.

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