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Why Everything Is


This is a theory I’ve been rolling around in my head for about 2 or 3 years but I’ve never told anyone because I think it might sound really really far out there. 1,038 more words


Trailer Trash: Theory of Animal Robot Edition

Welcome back intrepid Brave Fish! Here we are again with another slew of trailers for those who missed them while the “slow” guy at the concession counter took too long to layer the butter in your popcorn. 296 more words


Blackholes, Wormholes and the Tenth Dimension.

Black Holes: Collapsed Stars

A black hole, simply put, is a massive, dead star whose gravity is so intense than even light cannot escape, hence its name.

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Deep Universe Fact

Gravity of Thought

“Power, time, gravity, love.  The forces that really kick ass are all invisible” – David Mitchell

What if we create all that there is?  Figuratively you could say we do. 

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avogadro's constant

avogadro’s number is a physical constant of quantity which is directly connected to the fundamental physical constants

this is a quantity, described by a number, which is also a physical constant… 46 more words

Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

Trailer: The Theory of Everything

Wow. Universal Pictures have a real awards contender on their hands with Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. Eddie Redmayne steps into the shows of the world’s most famous physicist, and looks to give a blinding performance too. 74 more words


What Oscars movies too look out for

Now that we’re getting close to the typical oscar month here are a few movies to watch out for: (note i split the movies into the chances of getting nominated.)  282 more words