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Two types of ToEs

What is philosophy as a whole really about. Call me a hopeless romantic but i still think it should work as some sort of theory of everything. 1,168 more words

Pitfalls in the Search for the Truth, Reality and a Theory of Everything

This isn’t just for those who call themselves Truth Seekers, but those of a scientific bent who follow the peer reviewed path.

What started you on your quest for Truth? 1,144 more words


a playfully serious theory of everything - short version

numerical relationships are natural laws


quantities, magnitudes, spacial geometries – these are physical properties

the structures and behaviours of physical phenomena are derived from these properties… 22 more words

Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

Anything Versus Everything

God is a theory of anything. He is the answer to any question that may be asked. Don’t know the answer? Toss in a little God. 70 more words


Concerning ToEs

One week ago, a team of American physicists working on a project called BICEP2, with a telescope at the South Pole, announced that they had made what they call a “ 711 more words

BQ6 - Second Phase (1/3)

(This is a collaborative blog post by Ashley Christensen and Elizabeth Oderkirk written after reading The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking.)

According to Stephen Hawking, a Theory of Everything would be very difficult to discover. 236 more words


Skepticism and Quantum Gravity


Hang on. We’re going on a ride.


There are people who believe in Bigfoot.
I don’t. I happen to be doubtful about Bigfoot, only because I don’t think that there is enough evidence for such a creature existing, or, logically, being able to exist today without discovery. 3,105 more words