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All the fun is in the middle

Once upon a time, on finishing my undergraduate studies, I was forced to decide what sort of physics I might work on for my PhD.  As it turns out, this decision affected not only the next few years, but the whole direction of my research career until now. 864 more words


The Theory of Everything: Trapped body and liberated mind

Imagine a doctor breaking this news to you: “Your brain isn’t affected. Your thoughts will remain the same, it’s just that eventually no one will know what they are.” 825 more words


Good Cripple, Bad Cripple: At the Movies!

One thing that has always confounded, and annoyed, me is the trope of “overcoming” disability in cinema.  For me, it is akin to the Magical Negro character in Hollywood films, à la T… 1,305 more words

Bad Cripple

Life Shaped By Odd Shaped Dominos

Move over string theory. We all have stings on us, but my theory of life looks like my theory of the universe. “My Jacks falling like dominos theory,” hold true in the history of events and our genetic history. 215 more words


Weekend Box Office: 'Mockingjay' Grosses $275 Million Worldwide... And Still Disappoints

Catnips Elbow Grease and the whole gang were back for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 this weekend, as it grossed an estimated $123 million domestically and $275 million worldwide. 526 more words

Film Drunk

The Theory of Everything, reviewed: Stephen Hawking biopic is a beautiful meditation on the universal power of love

Source: National Post

Author: Katherine Monk

Emphasis Mine

There are no significant revelations, but maybe that’s the beauty of James Marsh’s biopic about Stephen Hawking: … 709 more words