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What Defines Family?

What truly makes something what it is? Is there a specific right answer for what definite characteristic makes an apple an apple or a computer a computer? 660 more words

The Personal Is Political

Stuff I've been shoving into my brain. Herzog mainly.

It is my firm belief, and I say this as a dictum, that all these tools now at our disposal, these things part of of this explosive evolution of means of communication, mean we are now heading for an era of solitude.

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Objectified | Gary Hustwit

In today’s lecture with Anna Powell, we watched the film Objectified by Gary Hustwit.The film is a feature length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them. 60 more words

Year Two

I'm Sorry

I’ve hurt people before.

Said things in the heat of the battle. Things I knew were mean but provided protection, if only temporarily, from the sting of their words. 146 more words


Good Vibrations

Something big is coming…

When it was announced that the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise was written and would be made into a major motion picture, I was excited. 603 more words

Pragmatism … asks its usual question. “Grant an idea or belief to be true,” it says, “what concrete difference will its being true make in anyone’s actual life?

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