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Access to scientific articles for free

There are few IEEE articles and some research done in Chinese Mahjong area. At first I was a bit upset that I can’t access any of those articles and I could not find them anywhere for free. 42 more words


Plot is Conflict

I have a note on my desk which reminds me that ‘Plot Is Conflict’. If characters aren’t in conflict with each other, or something else, then there is little point in the story. 208 more words

Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory 3rd Edition

Google’s Knowledge Engine tries to smartly connect information onthe Web to search queries based on deeper meanings. Is it anothersign of a revolution in search, or another case of looking at theworld through Google-colored glasses? 63 more words

Only The Paranoid Survive - Derrida's Lack of Application to Military Strategy

One of the interesting things about Derrida and deconstruction is the resistance towards power agencys who wants to use theoretical percpectives in order to increace power, domination etc. 214 more words

Anna Powell Lecture | Surrealism

Today’s lecture focused on Surrealism, which was interesting because it is something I have do a little research in myself recently. Anna hoped to provide insight to the movement as well as relating it to Graphic Design. 440 more words

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