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Lacktopia - TD

Lacktopia – TD

Superstudio’s Quaderna table

IKEA’s Lack table

As part of Superstudio’s Anti-Design Campaign, the Quaderna table formed a striking contrast to the pop design of the late 1960s, opposing all its curvy, colourful forms. 383 more words


W. Welsch – Aesthetics Beyond Aesthetics

An obvious predominance of images and aesthetic patterns exists today, not only in the current shaping of reality addressed so far, but in the current mediation and apprehension of reality as well.

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What Voltorb was made for

Source: Tumblr

Voltorb is a man made Pokemon. Although it is now a Pokemon used by any trainer, it used to be used in the Kanto War, where soldiers would replace Pokeballs with Voltorbs. 6 more words


Theorising Quran: An Introduction

This section in Quranology Blog is on the theory of Quran as a phenomenon within human being. In order to understand what this means, we should contemplate the concept of theory. 702 more words


How Ideas Make Themselves Matter

“Ideas Matter” is the slogan of the Boston Review. This is a controversial claim in the social sciences. (Disclosure: I write a column for… 873 more words

Radical Relationality (Part One)

What follows is part one of the presentation I gave at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in Fishkill, NY on the 11th of July, 2014.  I have decided to publish it in smaller sections, as the complete presentation is over 10,000 words, a bit longer than most internet readers tend to have the patience for. 2,128 more words

When Your Idea Of Yourself Is Lost In Someone Else

The thing about becoming blinded by the perceptions other people project on you is just that — you won’t realize it. You start to see them as your own. 809 more words