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Julie Verhoven- at ICA-

Julie Verhoven- at ICA-

I just missed it! but here is her rather fine Video ARTISTS STATEMENT

dedicated to all you PTBM-ers contemplating your DAS presentations and your artist’s statements


Licking a Banana Slug in the 21st Century

“It was really a sad day. I took the camera out and I was going to take some pictures. And then I said, well, he deserves more than that. 2,893 more words

Climate Change



I wanted to start writing down my passions and my believes in words to further understand myself and about the world that we all live in. 928 more words


The Story Behind the Pic


Hi There!

Sometimes you get to know the true of something and then you regret knowing it.

I like to take pictures, but I enjoy very much looking at pictures. 266 more words


Filters as Connotation: Barthes and Faux-Vintage

Roland Barthes discusses the myth of the natural sign and its relation to photographs; his text “Rhetoric of the Image” examines exactly the manner in which meaning is able to manifest in the image. 388 more words


 Faith vs. Farth?* *(This is not a religious article)

When we hear the word faith our minds immediately jump to religion which is a controversial subject. But in actuality the word faith is defined as a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. 962 more words