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Keeping the Fire Stoked

It’s hard to keep up with these Internet goals. Posting daily content is difficult, yadda-yadda. I’ve said it all before.

I have the next two days off from work and I hope to bust out a lot of content, and prep myself for being a bit more dedicated to my YouTube endeavors.  139 more words

Published Thoughts

To counter such hypocritical strategies (which are no less than forms of fraud) requires now as it did then a comprehensive examination of language, one which challenges its ‘naturalness,’ discloses the world view (and ideology) secreted not only in our vocabulary but at every linguistic level including the ways in which sentences are put together, and explores new ways of thinking by putting language (and hence perception) together in new ways.

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CUE Lecture Creat-olution (Part 1)

CUE Theater Presents: “Creat-olution”

Prof. Johnson’s lecture on the theory of the worlds formula to “The Creator’s Law of Action”.

This is part 1 of 3.

Retrospective on "The Carceral"

A chapter of Michel Foucault’s famous 1977 Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (1975, Surveiller et Punir: Naissance de la Prison) is titled “The Carceral.” In a few brief notes, I reconsider the chapter in light of contemporary discussions and literature. 1,157 more words

International Relations Theory

Recently I’ve been looking at the theory that drives international relations, my thoughts on that are below, but if you just want to take the  500 more words