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#HowToWearIt: Suede

Suede is quickly becoming one of the most coveted textures for fall. In shades of deep blue, forest green, Bordeaux, and dark neutrals, suede separates look especially luxe. 312 more words

Channel Fashion

Flag in the Wind

When I have started daygaming I actually had no idea what daygame is about. I had some early success, my 10th approach continuing into an instadate, and 12th one ending in a 4-hour date with a professional model. 1,086 more words


Lovers in Your Life

This is part of my series of posts on “theories”/”ideas” I’ve consolidated over conversations (mainly with Kyle), spacing out, and just late night thoughts. This theory in particular stemmed from a quote I read on Tumblr. 1,180 more words


End Times Matrix News - Dragon Star

A great show featuring a great deal of discussion about the dragon star and comets.  The astronomically related signs in the heavens are looked at concerning Endtime prophecy. 47 more words