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Knowledge Doesn't Mean Skill

Do you remember the story of Grace Groner?If you don’t or are coming in late,here’s the story:Link.

Now compare her story with that of Richard Fuscone. 758 more words

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Utopia in Theory

I was talking to my brother a couple weeks ago and he was telling me about these video’s he had been watching on YouTube. It was this guys (unfortunately I do not remember the name) theories on his utopia. 125 more words

Animal Farm

For, clothed in letters and sounds and brought into the perceptible world, it cannot remain, in any way, what it was.

… it is something vast, infinite- encompassing, but unencompassed. 1,191 more words


Definitions and Terminology

It is important to set the terminology when formulating a theory. Previously we have used the word spirituality but we generally will not use this term. 591 more words


Depth and usefulness in theories of sexual violence

Recently, Professor Tony Ward made a few recommendations on how researchers and theorists can contribute to theory development and advance our understanding of the causes of sexual violence (article can be downloaded… 1,728 more words

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ING site promotes series on First Principles

During this month of Ramadan, which ends around Sunday, July 27,  ING, the nation-wide educational organization with its founding offices in San José, has been publishing a series of reflections on “First Principles of Religion.” 174 more words