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Sonnet of Importance

Thera, 1995.

To make us important, we learn —
To clothe and feed ourselves,
To recognize in silver
Trails an absent shell,
To raise our hopes, to yearn. 60 more words


Ancient Egyptian weather report tells of volcanic eruption

A translation of text on a six foot tall Egyptian calcite block dating 3,500 years old, known as the Tempest Stela, may refer to the massive volcanic eruption at Thera, modern day Santorini.


Ten songs I can't stop Listening to.

Thank you for reading. This list is simple. Ten songs I can’t stop listening to. All Genre’s, no holds barred. This is a fun list for me because I get to use my (ear)Heart. 587 more words


Theran Sunrise

The artist’s canvas we had only yesterday disparaged seems now to have had life breathed into it.

Unearthly pinks suffuse our sky, foregrounding Anafi, which seems to hang eerily on the horizon, the sea an apparently vertical wash of dark, awaiting the sun’s rising to tease from its surface a shoal of rippling slivers of silver-red. 209 more words