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As a firm believer in using the gentlest therapies possible to stimulate the greatest healing effect, I have learned to trust the healing benefits of castor oil applied topically to help calm inflammation and promote healing to injured tissues. 59 more words

Wellness Tips

Always keeping us on our toes.

I haven’t pre-written this blog, it’s more of an offload of emotions.

Just when you think you have this syndrome figured out is when something else comes blazing in making you realise you are yet again wrong. 663 more words

Positivity Is A Journey Of Self Discovery & Strategies


This is from a personal perspective – remember think of strategies that make you happy 

My previous blog was somewhat raw but  a necessary look at situations that can affect the mind and mental health of a person (who ever they are) – with reflective thought and with the help of friends on social media – I believe as difficult as mental health problems can be the importance and acknowledgement of  286 more words


Guide on Eco Therapy

Have you every felt so stressed out to a point where medicine and medical professional, can’t sort out the problem? Have you every thought to yourself that the cure is only few yards away, In that rural area with natural countryside. 322 more words



Ah well. Best laid plans. This is why I amend nearly every statement about getting writing done with the statement “brain-willing”. Having MS is much like riding across the United States on Amtrak.  1,146 more words


Unhelpful Thinking - Part Two - Filtering out Dermatillomania

TRIGGER WARNING: This post covers graphic discussion of my issues around compulsive skin-picking and OCD. Please proceed only if you are comfortable with the subject. 950 more words


Unhelpful Thinking - Part One - The Negative Filter, Dating and Mental Illness

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There’s probably some part of me that pre-disposes me to having mental health problems – maybe some genetic factors come into play, but there’s an undeniable damage that has happened to me due to experiencing abuse as a child. 1,416 more words