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Japanese Reiki, Rehab and Japanese Incense

Japanese Reiki, Rehab and Japanese Incense

Japanese Reiki
Reiki found me in 2007 just when i needed it in my life. I discovered Original Japanese Reiki courses being taught close to where i lived, run by one of the Reiki Evolutions experienced teachers. 457 more words

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Sustainable Prosperity.

Useful this may be, but caution should be exercised in expectations.  Cloves, for example, can ease toothache; they cannot address the causes of most toothache.

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What's Happening?

Hi everyone,

What’s been happening with me? An update…

I’m happy to announce I am now a teacher of holistic ¬†medicine… I became a crystal healing therapist several years ago and I haven’t done a lot with it. 67 more words

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Life Lived By the Dry Erase Board....

It seems these days, as our life has changed, that we are living our days according to the dry erase board that I bought post-stroke. 626 more words

I'm gonna hate on myself now

I’m having a flareup. This ones a bit harsh. Lots of leg spasticity,trigeminal neuralgia pain (it’s like a migrane for your face!)and general overheating. I feel truly awful. 185 more words

Create an online client registration form for yoga classes with Google Forms

Do you need your clients to give you information about themselves prior to coming to a yoga class or a therapy treatment? A really easy way to do this is to create an online form that sits on your website, so your new client can easily find it and send you the details you need without lots of emails or paper changing hands. 499 more words

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Crystals and their healing modalities - Periodot

Periodot is an excellent stone, it works on the solar plexus and heart chakras, encouraging us to guard against feelings of jealousy and feelings of betrayal, releases fears especially attached to feelings of unworthyness, It teaches us gentley that we are loveable and likeable and it empowers us to believe that people will respond warmly to us. 230 more words

Spirituality Healing And Personal Growth