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Promising research is going on with non-toxic therapies based on some forms of cannabis. The work includes significant benefits in Neurological conditions including MS in forms that are legal everywhere.


Mikey has graduated from wrap-around services. Officially, they use the term “discharge.” It didn’t feel like a discharge, though. We had a party! His last home visit with our BSC, Mikey was in charge of the whole plan. 216 more words


Paramus, NJ Sciatica Therapies and Exercise Guarantee Better Results

The sciatic nerve is considered as the longest nerve in the body, as it runs along from the lower back, and then continues to the back of the thigh, up until below the knee. 109 more words

Therapies you can do two times a day

* This post is inspired by a newly released song, I am in no way a therapist, yet.

When I first heard this track, I got excited. 1,321 more words


Meditation and visualisation in the bath

The type of healing I like to do when I am left to my own devices, that is, when I’m not doing what I’m told by a doctor or other kind of practitioner, is the type where I think and feel a lot. 2,555 more words


Holistic support for grief

Grief is a challenging issue that many people in society are facing on a daily basis. It is a sad fact of life that we all have to deal with sometimes overwhelming emotions, and most of us need extra support at these times to process the thoughts and feelings relating to our loss of a loved one. 284 more words


The immune system is our best friend

In this post I begin to explore what types of things can adversely affect the immune system to such an extent that it cannot contain the cancer and lets it run rampant through the garden of our bodies. 1,667 more words