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An Ounce of Prevention...

Prevention is one of the hallmarks of natuorpathic medicine. When cold and flu season arrives, I dig in to the fundamentals of our medicine which are centered around strengthening vitality and removing any obstacles to healing. 615 more words

Wellness Tips

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your State Of Health?

If you are feeling under the weather, just stick out your tongue – the state it’s in can present an accurate picture of your health. The colour, texture and moisture of your tongue can provide signs of what’s going on inside your body. 18 more words


Feed Your Soul 1-Day Retreat (Nov.2014)

Do you feel you need time for yourself?

This month I’ll be joining life coach Heidi Cornelissen (from Completely Human) and several other wonderful practitioners, to bring you a day of nourishment for your spirit. 74 more words


Fly Fishing & PTSD

Making Your Mark: Healing waters

By LaSalle Blanks

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing makes it mark by giving veterans and wounded warriors an outlet to deal with their physical and mental scars from fighting for our country. 325 more words


Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Alternative and complementary therapies has surged over the last few decades as many prefer to take the natural path. The number of licensed medical doctors practising Functional Medicine is increasing, in treating their patients in both the allopathic and naturopathic approach. 4,362 more words

2 Chicks

Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer, says new research

14 October 2014

Experts have shown that when certain parts of cannabis are used to treat cancer tumours alongside radiotherapy treatment the growths can virtually disappear…

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Science & Technology

Freedom Beyond The Pavement- The Revolutionary Wheelchair

This week, like many new and exciting things I come across on the Spastic Paraplegia Facebook page, I discovered a Kickstarter for project for a revolutionary wheelchair concept. 207 more words