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Traumatized war victims; not a judgment, a life sentence!

In class we do a lot of readings; journal articles, and graphic novels. Yet there is this book that I believe captures everything I stand concerning the topic Trauma, and for this book I will dedicate my following blog post. 1,124 more words


Troubles at Home

A man walked into a haunted house. Fortunately, he was a therapist, because the house had a lot of @#$% to work through. “I haven’t slept in years,” the house blubbered, weeping through its shutters. 21 more words

Don’t Feel Like Talking

Don’t feel like Talking

I have been reviewing in my mind the last few suicide “mini” attempts that I took over the past several months. I am wondering why I never called for help or called a friend. 935 more words


The Gift of OCD

     Ryan was just like any other normal person, except that he was born with a phenomenal gift. He had Guardians, Guardians who followed him around everywhere he went, making sure he was safe from all the threats surrounding him. 739 more words

Head in the sand

“You seem to have a lot of conflict in your life,” she commented. “How effectively are you dealing with it?”

David thought about the question his shrink asked. 411 more words


Why You Really Should Say No When You Want To...

By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW

A wise friend of mine once told me, “If you ever have a choice between saying no and feeling guilty about it, or saying yes and feeling resentful, choose guilt.”  This struck me.   304 more words

Thanks for the "support"

So recently it was decided that my dads side grandma was going to call a therapist for me. She told me I needed to stop being stressed and it was right before 4/20, so of course I was going to get weed. 135 more words