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Lessons I learned in therapy this week

Its hard to put your feelings out there with honesty.

Feeling your vulnerability is an uncomfortable feeling.

It hurts when you have to leave the safety of your therapists office. 73 more words

Review: Therapist by Jaden Wilkes

4.5 mindfucked Stars

You’re reading a book and you know something has started to go hinky. You can feel the characters starting to go sideways and the plot starting to shift and you just know in your bones that all is not what it seems. 512 more words

Book Review

On being manic

“So tell me what’s going on.”

My therapist pulled up a chair and turned his attention toward me.

My words, as if shot out of a cannon, attempted to keep up with my stream of thoughts. 191 more words


How To Give A Great And Relaxing Massage.

A message is a great way to relax and relieve stress. However, it’s not common knowledge as to what it really takes to become good at giving massages. 318 more words


Can I get some help here?!?!



If you find yourself wondering if there is a problem outside of “normal” kid behavior, you might mention it to your child’s pediatrician, right? I did that. 655 more words

Therapy session this evening

Therapy was very tough this evening. It mostly centred around our personal safety, because of being contacted again by cult people, through the phone and emails. 393 more words

Eeyore is no Longer Imaginary, Part 2

I saw my second therapist the other day.

As usual, I wrote a post about it for Bipolar Parenting Project.

Therapist #2 made it awkward when she asked what I wanted to get out of this treatment.

144 more words