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A Word on Shame

As Brene Brown would say, this weekend I suffered from the worst vulnerability hangover ever. After my unfortunate Friday night experience, all I wanted to do was go and hide. 764 more words




If you really love someone, you want the very best for them.


I’m starting to realise why staying off Facefuck was no real hardship whatsoever. 878 more words


Tip of the Week - Negative Emotions

Research out of Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology has found a simple yet effective way to move away from the difficult feelings of negative emotions when remembering a sad or embarrassing memory. 52 more words

Awen Therapy

Group Therapy

Here’s a little something warm and fuzzy to start your day…. Enjoy! *(purrs)*

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Dirk Stikker - Founder

I am a qualified and experienced Family and Systemic Psychotherapist specialising in  Addictions Therapy .I have worked in the field of addictions therapy for over 25 years in different countries, within clinics and private practice. 228 more words

Trauma: This is 90 percent of what keeps me in business as a therapist- this is a free nugget

I was doing some work with my google machine this morning, in order to find a fresh way to help a client understand some of their “junk.” I came across the article referenced below. 227 more words

Emer Premium Padded Stationary Gravity Inversion Table for Back Therapy Exercise Fitness INVR-06C-ORG

Inversion tables have been a proven therapy that is recommended by physicians to alleviate back pain, increase flexibility, and improve joint health simply by using it for minutes every day. 150 more words