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A Day Out With Me!

I hope you like getting up early because we’re leaving at 10:40am. That means you should get up at around 8:30am, which is hard when you can’t sleep at night! 630 more words

The Dating Game

One thing that I was well known for among the employees at my last place of employment was my crazy dating rampages. After my ex-boyfriend and I broke up at the end of May, I embarked on some seriously manic dating. 257 more words

M: What do you want for your husband?

Oh hell.. geesh.. Yes I did commit to working on this marriage, to keep my family in tact.

Yes, I did start getting excited about the holidays with him because our family has a blast around the holidays. 237 more words


Some thoughts and feelings

1. Do my kids love me? Something I wonder lots of times, do they see me as a parent? Do they miss me? Do they really love me? 143 more words

Graduation Day!

Today was my last day at Strive Physical Therapy. 11 weeks flew by so quickly! The staff is awesome and I am going to miss seeing them every week. 238 more words


New contract

The new contract is somewhat disastrous. Or should I start with therapy? My last session was last Tuesday, and now Ron is away once again. It was a much more soothing session than the one I wrote about below. 542 more words