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New beginnings and forward motion

This post has been a long time coming. Before now I haven’t known how to put it into words, but I think I’ve got it now. 349 more words


"I Enjoy Working With You"

You called and left a message. Was it a message, or more like a rant? You owe me $3,000 for past sessions…we can’t keep going this way…I can’t see you next week unless you pay. 305 more words


Get out your speed gun...

Radar gun, whatever you want to call it…the thing the cops use to test your speed and then give you a ticket! Ok, only if you are going to fast…but you know the gun I mean. 1,092 more words

Why are some emotions more intense and painful than others?

There are numerous kinds of emotions and all emotions are important, but some emotions are deeper and more important than others. Our deepest and most painful emotions are called… 463 more words

[LISTEN] Group Therapy With Steve and Nina

Welcome to another complicated edition of group therapy with Steve and Nina! Would you change the name of your unborn baby if you found out that the name you chose came from an…uncomfortable past? 47 more words


How I lost a friend but found me.

Around the time I became seriously unwell, a close friend told me she wasn’t able to do her usual friend duties for a while. She said she needed more time to devote to her own issues; issues which meant she had little left over for anyone else. 2,413 more words

Crawling Out From the Swamp

I have three doctor’s appointments in a row starting today. I’m seeing my Therapist on Monday.

Someone invited me out for lunch on the weekend. When you are going through Detox and Withdrawal, you do… 563 more words