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Blood Moons and Mediums

On my day off this week I happily binge watched Netflix, particularly a show called “Long Island Medium”. The show focuses on Theresa Caputo and her family in Long Island, New York. 591 more words

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Theresa Eases Parents Pain Over Suicide

Theresa Caputo gave a private reading to a couple who lost their young son to suicide and helped them understand that it was an accident rather than a deliberate act on LONG ISLAND MEDIUM. 537 more words


Sometimes you don't get what you want, but you get what you need...

“If you let people break your spirit and detour you from your path, then you have not been true to yourself or those you’re here to touch, those who believe in you.” 990 more words


Give Theresa Caputo A Prison Tour for LONG ISLAND MEDIUM

Theresa Caputo should consider visiting more prisons when she does her LONG ISLAND MEDIUM On The Road shows. Her very first group reading behind bars occurred during the episode “Theresa Visits Jail”. 768 more words


Are You #Caputoing? LONG ISLAND MEDIUM Preview

Tonight on LONG ISLAND MEDIUM, fans get a double dose of Theresa Caputo in two new and moving episodes.

In “Theresa Visits Jail” we follow the LI Medium into the confines of a local prison for a group reading. 265 more words



The past week has been hectic, planning my going away party and then I got sick in a way I don’t want to explain. Today I feel much better. 557 more words

Theresa Caputo Delights Larry With Valentine's Day Lingerie on LONG ISLAND MEDIUM

Who didn’t laugh out loud at the conclusion of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM as “empty-nesters” Theresa and Larry Caputo were ready for a Valentine’s Day dinner including a surprise lingerie component, when Larry Jr. 541 more words