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Theatre Review: Seminar, Hampstead Theatre

Seminar follows that well worn dramatical set piece that takes a group of unlikeable people and puts them in a situation that will push buttons to the point that hard truths will emerge and, bingo! 551 more words


The stage gets set for 'The Divide's' first season finale

Season 1 | Episode 7 | “I Can’t Go Back” | Aired Aug 20, 2014

In the penultimate episode of The Divide‘s first season, the seeds are planted for a finale that might finally give the Initiative a crucial win. 1,238 more words

'Smash' Writer Theresa Rebeck Nukes Love American Style

Here’s a familiar scene: One couple has invited another, close friends, for a weekend in the country. As significant amounts of alcohol flow from bottle to glass to lips, conversation turns from spirited to merely loud to acridly inchoate. 477 more words


Off Broadway Review: 'Poor Behavior' by Theresa Rebeck

We’ve all been there — at another couple’s house in the country when too many bottles of wine are consumed over dinner and a sexually charged quarrel breaks out to ruin the whole weekend. 664 more words