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P-v-T diagrams

  • Single phase regions : solid, liquid, vapour
  • 2 phase regions: liquid-vapour, solid-liquid, solid-vapour all in equilibrium
  • Saturation states: states at which a phase change begins or ends…
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The state principle

2 independent, intensive, thermodynamic properties are required to fix the state of a simple compressible system.

For example,

  • pressure (P) and specific volume (v)
  • temperature (T) and specific internal energy (u)
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Cycle analysis

Delta E = Q – W

For a cycle, Delta E=0, so:

Q-W = 0 <=> Qcycle = Wcycle

Power cycles – thermal efficiency

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Lose 5-pounds in 5-Days - And Other Gury Tales

The average human arm weights around five pounds. Removal with a band saw could be accomplished in five-minutes, allotting time for vomiting and passing out, so in about five minutes you could drop five pounds and be ready for summer. 1,176 more words

Calorie Management

New approach to form non-equilibrium structures

Although most natural and synthetic processes prefer to settle into equilibrium—a state of unchanging balance without potential or energy—it is within the realm of non-equilibrium conditions where new possibilities lie. 441 more words


Three Tales of Thermodynamics

land and sea
warm and cool
in their time
in their place
without me
or with me
no matter
my powers
have paltry
affect upon… 64 more words


Conservation of energy: The 1st law of thermodynamics

Delta KE + Delta PE + Delta U = Q – W

Change in amount of energy contained within the system during some time interval = Net amount of energy transferred… 33 more words