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Entropy, yes it is still a proper argument!

If you have studied the arguments of the creationists and the evolutionists, then you have heard the word, entropy. I claim that many scientists like to redefine entropy. 974 more words

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Vacation mode

Many people are in vacation mode at the moment.  In some organisations it is impossible to hold meetings because of non-overlapping holidays, unless of course you work in countries where everyone goes on holiday at the same time – try getting in or out of Paris on certain weekends in August!  317 more words


The Entropic Definition of Sentient Life

Scientists and philosophers alike have long pondered life. What exactly is life? How can we define what sentient life is and what makes it unique? There are many ideas floating around about these questions. 1,371 more words


Engineering Riddle - No. 6 (Heat Transfer) "I Scale"

I scale in a wind-storm, I scale in a flood
I scale in tornadoes, I scale in the mud
I scale in an oven, the air blistering heat… 138 more words

Statistical Mechanics - First Law of Thermodynamics

In the previous post, we found an expression for a closed system’s Gibbs entropy in terms of its energy , the partition function , and the enigmatic variable : 624 more words


Anti Capitalist rant again.

You know the feeling. The swirling nervousness in your lower stomach. The anxious reminder that you’re unfulfilled.

The fear.

One wonders if it will stick for a lifetime, and what needs to happen for it to go away. 1,771 more words


Entropy Haiku

Entropy mounting,
All existence, time being.
Stillness in knowing.