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Chilli bread rolls

With the in-laws and friends keeping Bubs busy in Perth, I’ve had some time to myself. Some might head to the spa, but cooking is my version of me time! 150 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Beat-the-bug congee

The husband and I were both struck down by a flu bug last week (thank goodness the little’un escaped with nothing more than a runny nose! 365 more words

Thermomix Recipes

An all-in-one Thermomix meal: Larb Gai and rice

I adore Thai food, but don’t really prepare it at home due to the amount of preparation and different ingredients required. But the Thermomix does cut a lot of the prep time out with all the chopping it can do, and when I discovered some leftover lemongrass and chilli in the crisper from when my mother was in town and cooking up a storm, I started searching for some ideas and settled on larb gai (a Thai salad made with chicken mince). 483 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Slow Poached 60 Degree Eggs

My husband has long been assigned chief egg cooker due to the way he lovingly cooks the eggs in the frypan, its a cross between slow frying and poaching – they are delish. 316 more words

Thermomix Recipes

An all-in-one Varoma meal: chicken and vegetables

With the little miss around, dinners are now what I can prepare in 10 minutes or less. I tend to do a cook-up in Sundays when the husband can entertain the bub (stews, pasta sauces etc), otherwise it’s steak/sausages/pies/fish and veggies. 818 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Reasons You'll Love Thermomix

With a heft price tag (around $1999 to be exact), adding a Thermomix to your kitchen is not a decision you’ll make in an instant. Thermomix indeed brings justice to that price tag as it has nearly replaced most of your kitchen appliances. 542 more words

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A Minestrone Win!

Back in 2012 I tried the EDC minestrone recipe. I still don’t know what went wrong but suffice to say it was not a good end product! 343 more words

Thermomix Recipes