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Pumpkin, cauliflower and red lentil Dahl

This is a very quick dinner idea and my kids love it but I leave the chilli out when making it for them.

2 cm piece ginger… 221 more words

Main Course

Home-Made Almond Milk in 5 Minutes

My family all drink cows milk, fortunately with no side-effects but I do like nut milk too.  I don’t use it in my latte, but I do use it in cooking, to make yoghurts, custards, smoothies, ice-cream – it really adds a great flavour along with all the nutritional benefits. 461 more words


Homemade Pizza

My kids love making pizza! This bread dough pizza base is very economical so you could make some bases in bulk and freeze uncooked, even topped if you want, to defrost and bake when needed.  319 more words

Thermomix Recipes

The Best homemade Fruit Loaf

It has taken quite a few loaves to perfect this recipe. I use my breadmaker or the thermomix depending on what else I have cooking at the time, works well in both. 162 more words

Thermomix Recipes


There are quite a few spelling variations for this dish – dal, dahl, dhal – around. Even trusty Wikipedia couldn’t point me in the right direction this time! 298 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Louise's Lactose-Free Yoghurt

This yoghurt is similar to my standard milk yoghurt but it uses lactose-free milk and I have omitted the milk powder. Its not as thick-set as the standard yoghurt I make in the Thermomix, but it has a creamy thickness and is delicious. 195 more words


Aussie Cheesymite Scrolls

My kids love the scrolls from our local bakery that have vegemite and cheese in them. So I’ve come up with a recipe to make them at home, its cheaper and I can use whatever flour I want and no additives. 280 more words