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Thanks to my friend at The Pith and The Peel  I give you…


From websters.com

verb (used without object), vacillated, vacillating.

1.to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute: 124 more words


#Wine for the #WordNerd and #Writer

Behold twelve dollars of dry, oaky, velvet deliciousness from Thesaurus Bodegas in Spain.

Though I haven’t become a catalogue of synonyms after drinking Flumen Dorium, 118 more words

For Writers

Writer Wednesday

Hello all!

No prompt/short story for today’s Writer Wednesday. I thought I’d instead give you some tips! There are many, many books out there that can help unleash the writer within as well as help you hone the skills you already have. 220 more words

Извините- Sorry

Ways to say I’m sorry or excuse me.

Пардон.- Pardon (very informal)
Уис.- oops.
Ой.- oops.
Извините меня, пожалуйста.- Excuse me, please.
Я извиняюсь.- I am sorry. 27 more words


Six Tips for Getting Your Message across – the First Time

Whether you consider yourself a professional writer or not, chances are you have to prepare a report or write a proposal every now and then. Even if writing is not something you do all the time it’s worth considering that good writing makes a good impression and saves you time. 392 more words


How Auto-correct Taught Me Vocabulary

This isn’t much of a travel story, but I felt like I needed to add some character to this blog. So this is the story of how I learned some nautical terms. 191 more words

Amusing Ancedotes

Word Choices

Sometimes writing a good story can come right down to one thing.  Word choices.  Which words we use when describing things.  Or what we don’t use.   404 more words