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Using w3c org ontology to describe Ireland's entry to the EU (i)

eGovernment EU Institutions working on interoperability (“Joinup”) have commited to the W3C their work on an ontology describing organisations. This follows work by Dave Reynolds. 571 more words



I will have another post showing our recent trips but here’s another AWESOME word for you to enjoy until then:


Thank you to the loquacious… 238 more words


How To Do Language So Good

Words, numbers, little picture, letters- these are just a couple of the language items that make a thing.  So why not be good?

Here are the ways: 211 more words


Top 5 Free Resources for Writers

When I was young, I thought my imagination was all I needed to be a good writer. My words would simply come together, and everything I wrote would be flawless. 868 more words


signs. countersigns.


A hand painted sign beside a country road advertises “MOILE HOME FOR SALE.” Catch it from the other direction, and you’ll find it’s a “MOBILE HOME” available for purchase. 659 more words


Word of the Day: Tuesday 11th November 2014

Anodyne: a) Alleviate pain or b) not likely to offend or create tension.

Context and Example

The group’s latest album is a fairly anodyne affair; it contains a number of lively tunes that are easy on the ears, but which play it far too safe to ever be anything more than passing amusements. 164 more words


Word of The Day: Monday 10th November 2014

Egregious: Conspicuous (i.e Conspicuously Bad, Flagrant)

Context and Example 

It was an egregious breach of theater etiquette on Eugene’s part when he left his cell phone on during the play and it rang during an important scene. 139 more words