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LUCIUS by David Graham

LUCIUS by David Graham

Esox Lucius lurks in murky waters depths
Where, motionless, he sits and waits for prey
Then, with sudden burst of speed, 361 more words

Words fail me - discovering the Thesaurus

On Easter Sunday, 2009, in the Perigord region of France a local landowner, Eustace Levond, made a fascinating discovery. He was out looking for truffles in the forest when his pig, Emile, disappeared down a hole near the edge of a cliff. 295 more words


Thursday thesaurus--the art of a better comment

Let’s face it.  Every blogger, although s/he loves a “like”, really wants to read some praise-filled comments!  You know it’s true!  Yet how often do… 556 more words


The New Vocabularic Life of the English Poet

In English one can find hundreds of languages distilled, word by word, into something accessible for the poet. French has something to offer, as does Spanish, and certainly German. 1,424 more words


Do you use a Thesaurus When you Write?

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Ever catch yourself writing along and you don’t like how a particular word or phrase fits into a sentence that is sure to catch your reader’s eye? 172 more words

I once dated this Boy...

… who confused the words, mahogany, monotony, and monogamy all the time.

Have you ever been in a mahoganous relationship?

I have.