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News: Ab-Soul Announces ‘These Days’ Tour Dates

In support of his latest album, Ab-Soul will be hitting the road this fall for his promotional “These Days” tour. The TDE rapper will be performing 40 shows that kicks off in Tampa, Florida on September 17 and concludes on November 7 in San Antonio, Texas . 43 more words

Ab-Soul 'These Days' Tour Dates

Ab-Soul will be kicking off his tour on September 17 in Tampa, Florida in support of his album These Days.

Tour dates inside:


Chapter 3 - 'This acacia,'

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                The lunch bell rang. With the day crawling along on its pace like it did, the sharp and abrupt alarm seemed to ring sooner than expected, as if it was being forgiving to the students, letting them off easy for the day. 1,386 more words


EVENT: Ab-Soul Live at Ace of Spades October 19

Top Dawg Entertainment’s very own Ab-Soul will be touching down in the 916 once again for his These Days… Tour to further promote his album of the same name that was released on June 24. 31 more words


Chapter 2 - 'This phenomenon,'

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                The park takes on a whole new persona at night. The light posts as they illuminate the pathway, the moonlight as it sneaks past the leaves overhead, it all feels surreal somehow. 2,054 more words


Chapter 1 - 'This week,'

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                Clouds. Fields of white that seem to extend forever. A soothing chill and a breezing sound drown out my thoughts as I float over the blue sky. 2,068 more words


These days, Chapter 'Ground Zero' - 'This day...'

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                “You what?!”

                Lilly stares at her friend for what begins to stretch into an eternity, at least for the both of them. In a second Lilly is suddenly aware of everything around her, the hair standing straight at the back of her neck, the light as it scatters above the auburn trees above them, the occasional car in the distance and footsteps of people as they walk past the teenaged pair’s secret spot in the park, the park they always went to since they were just kids (in fact it’s where they first met, both stumbling upon this place simultaneously). 1,184 more words