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These Moments

Before you get reading this pointless piece on my mind, I highly recommend you search “These Moments – Antoine Dufour”. Download it. This won’t be the last time you hear it. 282 more words

These Moments Thursday

Justine Gordon
coffee and a chat
he said – lets go out for coffee – I said – great! – he checked his phone, I got out my camera and no words were spoken – I hate iPhones… 189 more words

These Moments Thursday

best dog ever


Morning Sunrise
Sunrises (and sunsets) are magical. No matter where I am, what I’m thinking or how I feel, sunrises lift my spirit, fill me with wonder and warmth and bring me back to the present. 82 more words

These Moments Monday

I’m feeling portraits today…

The one with Annie in Central Park
by Annie Photographs

the way you laugh
by stefaniemeischter
…warms my heart

by kelly ishmael… 28 more words

These Moments Monday

by Castles of Anger.

by RL Mulholland

2/27 :: 365 playing hooky
by deb/trust~your~gut
we took a walk,
collected treasures,
painted a picture. 10 more words

antoine dufour these moments

sweet sunday morning guitarring ^_^ more feature on my music page

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