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LibGuide Critique #2

The Library Guide I will be focusing on today is the Veterinary Nursing Library Guide. I have never actually used this guide, due to the fact that it strays very far from my field of study! 265 more words

Theses on Sleater-Kinney, pt. 2

Happy Sunday, poptimists and rockists alike! As I noted on Wednesday, in celebration of the Sleater-Kinney box set release (yes!), including full color vinyl, and next January’s new album (woo-hoo!), here’s the second part of what we used to call “experimental writing” in 2003. 488 more words

Popular Music History

Reading The Comics, October 20, 2014: No Images This Edition

Since I started including Comics Kingdom strips in my roundups of mathematically-themed strips I’ve been including images of those, because I’m none too confident that Comics Kingdom’s pages are accessible to normal readers after some time has passed. 1,023 more words


Modern architecture and the machine aesthetic

By Robert Christopher Madill

This resource gives a great introduction into the influence of the machine aesthetic on architecture during the early 20th Century.

Link:  28 more words


Beware the Thesis: How to Craft an “A”-Worthy Thesis

This week, I want to tackle the dreaded thesis. An essay’s thesis is paramount in most of academia, and I have yet to meet a teacher—from English to biology to economics to psychology, etc.—who doesn’t require his/her students to have a thesis. 1,660 more words


The Story Argument for "The Preachers Son"

This post is to explore the arguments in The Preachers Son between the protagonist, Eli, and the antagonist, Abel. Each character in a story has an opinion about life that they try to convince the other characters to follow. 177 more words

The Preachers Son (1)

The wonderful power of MS Word (and its aggravating complexity)

Some time back I posted a rather peevish entry about how so many of my clients know so very little about the powerful editing features that MS Word has to offer, encouraging (well, … 1,119 more words