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My friend Oscar has just started an awesome new website about education that you should check out! It’s called The McGuffey Reader, named after… 1,151 more words


Useful Tips to Conduct Thesis Review Yourself

The main idea of an essay which is described within two or more sentences about the topic and going to be writing all over the essay is called the thesis. 427 more words

Essay Writing Tips


It amazes me that anyone can write an entire essay without a thesis. But I’ve seen it done. I think this is why so many students hate to write.  866 more words

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Blueprint for Success: Overcome Roadblocks to Build a Great Thesis

Writing an essay is like constructing a building. A blueprint offers a builder guidelines to help erect a building. A writer requires the blueprint of a focused thesis to guide his or her paper to completion. 978 more words


Thesis Statements

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence (or, sometimes, a couple of sentences) within the introduction of an essay. This sentence needs to show the reader where the essay is going; it should identify the writer’s scope and focus, and provide the reader with a general understanding of the writer’s overall approach in the paper. 601 more words


The Problem with Thesis Statements

Developing a sound thesis statement is often one of the most challenging parts of writing a paper. As we discussed in a previous post on… 1,370 more words


Making Thesis Statements from Commonly Held Beliefs.

I’ve presented templates for thesis statements on this blog before, and recently in class we did a quick brainstorm activity that was in the same style. 258 more words