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Getting YUN to play on sandbox

I knew I was forgetting something. I had my YUN connected to sandbox and my computer too, but I couldn’t get the YUN to get data from the server I had running on my laptop. 21 more words


MA Thesis Literature Review

Over the coming months I intend to formulate an MA dissertation on the representation and staging of gender in Thomas Middleton’s city comedy A Mad World, My Masters… 874 more words

A Note from Dany..

Less than 2 weeks!! I can not believe how time has flown by. In just a blink of an eye it seems, sometimes. Other times, it seems like it takes forever. 367 more words

SGPS Transitions

Birds are chirping.  Winter’s glaciers have (mostly) receded.  The Grad Club’s garden is starting to bloom.  The temperature has reached that short window of ‘reasonably comfortable’ between the well-known and woeful ‘windchill’ and the hated ‘humidex.’  I’ve only heard two people complain about the rain-my kids, who prefer to play rugby dry rather than in the muck.  407 more words

Master Log 09: Chapter One - The Purpose of the Study

and the Significance of my Life

In June I will have to hand in my Master thesis and final project. Here I keep a diary on my progress and show how certain techniques are applicable in non-academic life. 617 more words


Creating a Thesis

The time has come to be more constructive. Therefore, blogging will be accomplished at regular intervals.

Since, added to my passions of fermentation, football, and fear is History. 432 more words