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Atl, Mara And The Blood Red Moon Of Revelation

This is a rather large scale and probably undocumented prophecy. It speaks of a great change that few understand. I was given it by means of progressive revelations up until the critical realisation: the sun and moon spirits will change over. 924 more words


The Three Rings Of Power

The “three rings of power” refer to the mastery of three forms of power. The rings are magical artifacts that exist in the invisible kingdoms, and due to their influence, until mastery men and women are the slaves of the powers that stand by each one. 2,688 more words

Theun Mares

Challenges Yield Personal Power

Toltecs say that the quality of “strength” is yielded by facing challenges in the North quadrant of MEST (akin to a scientific “medicine wheel”).

“Challenges” always have the following quality: they seem like an unfair and excessive evil at first. 212 more words

Stopping The World