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This Parenting Gig - It Ain't All Bad

Today, this blog was the subject of a conversation on Facebook – a good friend of mine shared it on her page, and someone commented words to the effect of, “why are parenting blogs so… 722 more words


Have Three Kids, You Will Barely Notice the Difference

“Go on, have three kids. You will barely even notice the third child. Once you have two, you might as well have three!”

Right. Good one. 905 more words


5 Things You Don't Want to Find in your Laundry

Doing laundry. Not my favourite pastime, that’s for sure. And, oftentimes I feel like there are people intentionally creating more laundry for me, just so I can’t get ahead with it. 442 more words


No Cupcakes for Mumma

Kids need discipline. That’s a no-brainer. They need boundaries, and they need consequences.

The trouble with this though, is when you have to follow up a threat. 678 more words


William Shakespeare, The Bard

Here is another extract from the ‘They Said..I Said’ Collection.

Teacher said,

“William Shakespeare was known as The Bard.”

I said,

“What was he barred from?”

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Creative Writing


Oh, dear lord, help me.

Princess got kissed at school. By a boy.


This was NOT supposed to happen, not yet, anyway! I mean, besides the fact that, when I was four, I was schooling my older sister (and anyone else who would listen) about the *ahem* birds and the bees. 447 more words