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Changing Views

For things to reveal themselves to us,
we need to be ready to abandon
our views about them.

~Thich Nhat Hahn~

What point of view are you willing to let go of?

Achieving Balance

Scheduling ways to maintain a positive healthy life, away from career obligations, is what most experts agree is an essential component for managing time  and stress issues. 660 more words

Organizational Management


Because I’m currently reading, no : absorbing – or trying to – Mary Paterson’s book “The Monks and Me”, I’m paying careful attention to peeling carrots, the rasp of the peeler, and… 723 more words


Healing Anger

“Nothing can heal anger except compassion.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh-

* photo by Laurin Jeffrey

"Mindless Life in Ghostly Shadows"

a sonnet by Paul Burgess–this is one of my rare “serious” works. I would genuinely appreciate any feedback readers would provide.

This drinking tea to empty out a cup… 217 more words

Immortal Verse

Day 340 6/10/14: A Simple Answer to an Eternal Question

I admit it. I don’t wake up every day thrilled to be again experiencing the gift of life. But if I listen to a dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hahn, I always feel more calm and clear–I am “returned to myself.” I like that he does not answer this question about how we can love ourselves by analyzing the past and possibly getting tangled in thought, but by emphasizing breath, body and awareness. 8 more words


"Right Speech"

Sometimes we speak clumsily and create internal knots in others. Then we say, ‘I was just telling the truth.’ It may be the truth, but if our way of speaking causes unnecessary suffering, it is not Right Speech. 129 more words

Immortal Verse