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On Cultivating Joy

I put on my warm coat, hat and scarf to ward off the English winter and set out on a walk through the woods to visit my 92 year-old mother in her nursing home. 377 more words


Winter Solstice Yoga

Every year, I celebrate Winter Solstice a little early by leading a yoga retreat the first full weekend of December!  I spent this past weekend with a group of lovely yogis.   689 more words


(#4) Always Be Gentle to Yourself

I know that I may not be alone in the sense that I can be extremely hard on myself. I have always heard that we are our own harshest critics and that has proven itself to be very true for me in most of my life. 1,229 more words

No Place Called Home

I was born in England but I have lived in Australia since 1998. As I write I am once again in England to visit family and friends. 737 more words


Declaration Against Modern Slavery - 2014

Dec 02, 2014 – Vatican City – The Global Freedom Network organized an historic moment with Pope Francis I acting as host to a cadre of religious leaders from around the world in order to draw attention to modern slavery. 121 more words

Perennial Philosophy

Minding--and Not Minding-- the Mind. #I--Caring

Have you ever noticed how closely related are the words “thinking” and “thanking?” The mind is one of Nature’s loveliest creations. I remember reading somewhere that just as a meadow gives birth to wild flowers, so the mind generates thoughts and ideas. 978 more words


Weekly Inspiration #21

The week leading up to a new moon (Saturday’s Sagittarius new moon) has a distinct flavour to it – influenced by the dark moon, we have a tendency to become quieter, more introspective and sensitive. 1,312 more words