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Way to be, Jack Ass!

I guess for someone, stealing is easier than working for it.  And from kids nonetheless. Allow me to explain.

If you’ve browsed any of my previous posts here on GMG, you’ve probably come to know a few things about me.   617 more words


Saturday Say It: The Name Thief by Beauty and Hairstyle

Earlier this month my husband’s brother got married in Provincetown. He pursued her. She took his name. These shots by Cape Town-based wedding photographer Catherine Mac reminded me of them. 35 more words

Dear Guy Who Stole My Skillets/Mr. Pan Thief

Dear guy who stole my skillets/ Mr. Pan Thief,

I saw on Facebook that it was your birthday the other day! Happy Birthday! I’ll be sure to send you a coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond so that you can get your very own set of pans, an instruction sheet on how not to ruin Calphalon skillets, and a copy of the Ten Commandments. 352 more words

Blogversation - Atmosphere 2

As with any artform, for a game to be truly immersive it must evoke an emotion. A game can be good without being immersive, but when you walk away from a game having assimilated its’ ways and habits as your own, you know that game had you hooked. 710 more words

GeekOut Discussion

don't mention it

I ask all of you keepers and the others to not mention me saying that I won’t be talking bad about Cody and that his IP is blocked. 55 more words