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Swimsuits & The Pear Shaped Lady...

Here we have it ladies and gentlemen… Swimsuit season has arrived! Over the past few years, ‘swimsuit technology’ has developed dramatically. Before such a time, swimwear was designed to only flatter the skinnier women of this world. 244 more words

Practice: Malasana / Garland Pose + a mini anatomy lesson!

The traditional malasana is practiced with the arms wrapped around the body, with the hands clasping at the back. This both requires and gives a big opening to the shoulders and chest, as well as opening the hips and lengthening the Achilles heel (a place in which many runners can experience the symptoms of tendonitis). 1,608 more words

Are You Serious?

Did I really just read that right?  Am I seeing double?  Triple?  Noooooo Wayyyyyy.


1. Regular Squat (x100)

2. Narrow Squat (x100) 82 more words



What would you know about blinking at an oncoming train,
battering ram-style and grace,
she left this place, your mind blown, face intact.
I heard the blitz, oncoming lights, 157 more words

New workout... 30 day challenge.

Hey everyone :-)

Just an update on what I have been doing lately. I am currently working on my body starting today! I decided this after I stood on the scales the other day and saw I have put on 3 stone in 2 yrs. 280 more words