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Resisting the Resistance: The Anti-Vaccination Movement

I’ve had numerous questions (as has every other pediatrician in the last several years) about my personal opinions regarding the risks and benefits of immunizations. I remembered this paper I wrote a few years ago and wanted to share it for those struggling with this issue: 2,390 more words


Vaccine Court and Autism

MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Autism post updated, to read see here.

There is a special Vaccine Court set up to deal with petitions of vaccine injury. 78 more words


Oh, Japan! What are you thinking!

Letting all your babies live and shit!

I was working on crunching some numbers for my special video dedication to that Douche Bag, Elizabeth Cohen at CNN, when a little something caught my eye. 760 more words

Autism Wars

Guest Blog: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, You Owe Zeddy an Apology

Just your name in this title will cause even some of my closest friends to not read beyond it.  Which is the entire point of this open letter to you which could end in one sentence:  you have marred the revelations of the last two weeks with regard to CDC data manipulation that erased a correlation between Autism and vaccines with the stain of your perceived charlatanism and made this fight harder to fight for all of us.   3,783 more words

Autism Wars

MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Autism

Updated again 8 September 2014:

“This Autism General Order #1 is being issued by the Office of Special Masters (“OSM”), to address an unusual situation facing the National Vaccine Injury… 1,377 more words


Look to your left, Mr. Bateson

It has always been very funny to me that anti-vaccine types who believe, desperately, that thimerosal causes autism (because mercury) are quick to blame the MMR vaccine for autism as well. 552 more words


The Weirdo John Stone from Age of Autism agrees that thimerosal is not toxic

You know what I love about John Stone, the resident weirdo at Age of Autism? I love that he thinks he knows science then posts something that he thinks agrees with him when it clearly doesn’t. 444 more words