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Thin-Crust Pizza (Let's See If We Can't Get The Whole Recipe Down This Time)

First thing’s first, this totally isn’t an original recipe, but I try to make it my own. To start with, I use Bobby Flay’s pizza dough recipe, which is simple and works great. 1,285 more words

Food Dood

Not thin enough thin crust pizza.

I think my dough needed to be thinner, I shall certainly have another attempt, that said, this was a very nice pizza indeed..

I made pork, lemon and oregano chops the other day, I served it with a tomato and mozzarella salad…

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Craving swaps: Try these healthier alternatives

Try these healthier alternatives
– but remember to still count
the calories:
SWAP crisps FOR pretzels
SWAP chocolate FOR dates
SWAP fried chips FOR oven chips… 40 more words

New York-Style Thin-Crust Pizza

I’ll never order from a pizza delivery chain again after having this pizza! Yes, it takes some preparation but after one bite, you’ll see it’s well worth it. 707 more words

Parmesan Cheese

It didn't disappear into thin air. Wood-fired, Neopolitan crust pizza is back in San Miguel.

There are two Spanish, two French, two Chinese, two Thai and 26 Italian restaurants in San Miguel de Allende. So Don Day thinks you’d be crazy to ever choose to open another Italian restaurant in San Miguel? 2,341 more words

Basic Hearth Bread

I’m going a little “backwards” here, but only because I’m not really going through The Bread Bible in any certain order; I just bake whatever I feel like baking. 303 more words

Bread Bible