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Where I grew up, these things were all over the place.  I always thought they looked like trolls.  After seeing the movie Trolljegeren I found out they were actually electric fences for keeping trolls in (or out).


#520 - Why You Forgot to Pay Your Credit Card Bill

Y’see, there was this thing.  A big thing.  I can’t really describe this thing but it was big, I can promise you that.  Anyways, this thing came up and it was all like “Waaah, looks at me, yo!”  So I looked at it and was all “Waaah, looks at that, yo!” and everything just went crazy. 

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#215 Good About Religions

One good thing about religions is that they give us holidays.

Is this what FF's Ben Grimm will look like after his unfortunate accident?

Justified Films posted this to their Twitter account today.  It would appear to be a rough sculpt that the VFX crew using for reference…but it appears to be pretty awesome.

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