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Dreamin' the Right Way

Is it just me or does everyone always seem to complain about Mondays, like oh you must have a “case of the Mondays.” I personally like Mondays. 509 more words

Things About Me

Playing with food

Really, that’s what I do. My big old-fashioned farmhouse kitchen is a place to play.

Before my husband (“the Hubster”) & I moved into my family home in Marin, we spent more years than I care to think about living in a townhouse in the East Bay. 332 more words

Things About Me

Sunday morning music

A sunny Sunday morning afternoon like today calls for some Belle and Sebastian and Stars.

“Let the summer go, let tomorrow take care of itself” – that’s such a beautiful verse. 77 more words


So what's the big deal anyway?

“You’re from Marin? Ohhhhh.”

No, it doesn’t, damn it!

I didn’t think of Marin as anything special when I was a kid. It was just home, you know? 742 more words

Things About Me

I'm Considering Voting UKIP

(this is a political blog now?)

I don’t like talking about ‘important’ topics, or at least topics where people have strong opinions, because they naturally lead to disagreements, and are more likely to lead to outright arguments, rather than the considerate debates and discussions that I would rather we engage in. 593 more words

Reactions To Stuff

7 Quick Takes Vlog style about Wounds, People Throwing Shade and Everything Else

I need to talk more. I am the most socially awkward person alive right now, so I decided to Vlog my Quick takes this week. It’s awful, but I didn’t want to redo it because I laughed so hard at how crazy I am and figured others may need a laugh. 93 more words


My world this week

  • I’ve already mentioned my excessive indulgence in Cinnabon and sleep. I feel very lazy, excited for school to start again.
  • After unsuccessfully hunting around HMV for an album by Miner, I bought it online and now I’m really happy.
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