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10 Day challenge - day two

1 – I have been a lifelong blonde. I am spending my first year as a brunette at the request of my children. I am not convinced it works yet. 255 more words

10 Day Challenge

7 Absolute Truths About Myself

If I’m going to be honest, I might as well as start with being honest with myself and everyone else. There are a few things I’ve learned about myself recently. 615 more words


Brand new questions...

New 50 questions:

1. Your very first car.

1978 white Ford mustang

2. Your first friend.

A girl named Angela who lived down the street from me.  977 more words


Anyone Home?

Never has my blog title ‘A Wordless Blogger’ been more appropriate. Ever since I came back from the US my inspiration pool has been dry. And I mean bone dry. 311 more words

Things About Me!

Have the Huge Cup of Froyo

What I have learned that life is about.

love. fun. laughing. crying. aching. waiting. loving. caring. cuddling. eating. flying. feeling. messing up. falling down. getting back up. 697 more words

Things About Me

29 things about me

“Strangers think I’m quiet, my friends know I’m outgoing, but only my best friends know that I’m completely insane!”

29 things about ME:
1. Cuek… 333 more words

My Thoughts

26 Bits About Me

Well, well, this has been a very busy week on my blog indeed, and I’m positively chuffed! Seeing as my little blog is still rather in its infancy, my post last week about… 1,250 more words