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Hands on the clock only turn one way

In the middle of November last year, we were informed at work that we’d only have continued employment until the end of April and then our workload would be transferred from West Yorkshire to a brand new national hub in Newport, South Wales. 290 more words


I won a Sunshine Award!!!!

I won a Sunshine award?!?!? Woot Woot!!!

I honestly didn’t think people even read this thing, let alone like it enough to nominate me for a blogger award. 933 more words

When will it end?

Cold weather!

More cold weather!

What the heck. I took the plastic off my windows middle of last week. Was great getting all the fresh air and feeling the warmth in the air. 507 more words

Things About Me

Writer's Block and Some Fast Facts

Lately, I just haven’t fully felt motivated to write or craft. Ok well let’s be honest, I end up asleep on the couch a lot. So while I am being more active with the dogs and trying to keep the house cleaner than it was in January, it has not left me much brain power for the blog. 1,637 more words

It Is What It Is

Landlord Bob's Surgery

As I stated in my post concerning winter my landlord is in the hospital with 7 broken ribs and a punctured lung. Well it seems I misunderstood a something or maybe information is clearer now then before – not sure which. 203 more words

Things About Me

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

It’s true the weekend is coming to an end if you haven’t realized it yet. It’s bittersweet, but clothes do have to get washed, groceries have to be bought, food has to be prepared for the week, and dogs need to be napped with. 181 more words

Things About Me

Being a published writer is hard

In 2006 I was looking around online for ways to make a little extra money. I’ve always heard there were a number of ways make money using the internet and who doesn’t need a little extra help with that, right? 564 more words

Things About Me