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Sending a Prayer to the "weather gods"

Anyone that makes hay has prayed to the “weather gods” many times over. As my uncle mowed hay on Sunday I started thinking about the accuracy of today’s weather forecasts. 239 more words

Things About Me!

First things first

Basic things I should tell you guys about me:

- My name begins with a V

- I am a 15 year old/ soon to be 16 teenager (Yayy:D) 281 more words

Hi! Amy E here with 5 quick things about me.....

Thank you for visiting my brand spanking new blog!

I am here to share my music and what I go through figuring out not only my life but this whole music biz thing. 366 more words


Five Random Facts About Me

Hey, after doing the Liebster Award I got inspired to do a little “Guess what you didn’t know about me” post. It will be quick but I just thought it would be fun and give my readers (still surprises me that anyone actually reads this) some insight into who I am as a person. 568 more words

My Life

10 Day challenge - day two

1 – I have been a lifelong blonde. I am spending my first year as a brunette at the request of my children. I am not convinced it works yet. 255 more words

10 Day Challenge

7 Absolute Truths About Myself

If I’m going to be honest, I might as well as start with being honest with myself and everyone else. There are a few things I’ve learned about myself recently. 615 more words


Brand new questions...

New 50 questions:

1. Your very first car.

1978 white Ford mustang

2. Your first friend.

A girl named Angela who lived down the street from me.  977 more words