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Birthday week <3

so last week was my birthday

I booked the week off and then found that I didn’t have any concrete plans as such.

Spent Sunday helping a friend make a custom superhero outfit for her little girl to wear to school. 784 more words

Things About Me

Forty-Four Facts About Me

(it’s been ten months since the last one of these!)

1) I have only taken one selfie in my life, and that was as a record of how much of a ‘beard’ I could grow over Summer after not shaving for months. 1,136 more words

Things That I Like

Things about me

Today I realized that while I tell you a lot about buildings and Toronto and occasionally philosophy, I don’t really talk about myself. You already know that I like art and architecture and urban living and photography and quotes, and that I have about 10 houseplants and almost as much candles but I feel like those are just surface details. 569 more words

Things About Me

8 Things to do When You're Sick

This morning, I thought I’d get out of bed, do the dishes, go to class and start writing my politics essay. Apparently, my body had other plans. 1,040 more words

Things About Me

My Love

Growing up I had one love and that was soccer. I lived, breathed, and dreamt about it, not kidding about that. My tough and loud attitude definitely helped me out on the field! 231 more words

Things About Me

Quote of the Week

I’ve been reading a lot about architecture this week. If you like architecture, make sure you check out Paul Goldberger’s Why Architecture Matters. Its not as figurative as de Botton’s… 167 more words

Things About Me