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Next time you have to fill up at $3.49/gallon, remember this!!

As you may know, Cruz Construction started a division in North Dakota just 6 months ago.  681 more words

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Let's do the Time Warp Again!

I am an avid Rocky Horror fan. I love the movie and try to go to all the shows as they come up, so I have seen my fair share of Rocky Horror Picture Shows and I can honestly say that Monte Casino’s production of Rocky Horror this year was one of my all time favourites. 38 more words

Things I Like

Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Has a Website You May Have Never Heard of – One the Obama Admin. Won’t Like

Fresh off her resignation from CBS News, journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s website dedicated to seeking the truth about the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, Benghazi, Obamacare and other important issues is gaining national attention. 378 more words

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Personal responsibility is the new fail by Shakefellow

I didn’t write this, I wish I had, someone who signs himself as “Shakefellow” did. It is quite elegant in a very simple, understated way. 261 more words

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AMAZING!!! The Cover of Liberal Newsweek Magazine On Obama


Finally, Matt Patterson and Newsweek speak out about Obama. This is timely and tough. As many of you know, Newsweek has a reputation for being extremely liberal. 1,002 more words

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