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Things I Love Thursdays

I’m not sure how, but somehow along the way this regular feature changed from things I LIKE to things I LOVE.  I probably should have stuck with “like,” since I’m a Yankee and we don’t like to over-emote in public. 272 more words

Things I Like

Cheap and Green

I often read blogs reviewing and recommending eco-products.  I usually find that the product either is only eco-branded; meaning that it looks like a green product, but dig a little deeper and it’s just a standard product with some great packaging.  468 more words

I Like Anal

I like anal sex. I really like anal sex.

It’s intense. It’s this more intense pleasure that makes me feel full, kind of. Full of everything, not just of him. 1,386 more words


Tea Party Tuesday: Kusmi Petrushka

Everyone who loves tea comes to it differently. Some people have a particularly transfixing pot at a restaurant and are hooked. Some people just evolve from drinking oversweet iced tea into more egalitarian drinkers. 537 more words

Things I Like


It’s official. I’m done with everything. I turned in that evil honors lit paper that’s been the bane of my existence, I turned in the first 3/4 of my thesis, I turned in my fiction project, I took my only final, and I turned 22. 154 more words


Christmas IV

Christmas is coming..(joy joy joy).SO and I have been planning our food list – it’s a very complicated and overwhelming affair.