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I Will Never Be The Same For Knowing Her

Everyone has at one time or another known someone who positively impacted their life, right? How would you describe that person, or the feeling you get thinking about how this one person has made your life better? 739 more words


things i love: COLD COMBATANTS AYY

my nose is throbbing and i am weeping/leaking from pretty much everything on my face. i’m constantly mildly shivery. the biggest tragedy of all: my appetite’s gone. 493 more words

A Lovely Day

I am currently sitting in Panera enjoying a dinner alone. Ten years ago, I would have died to sit anywhere alone…I mean, how embarrassing! But today, I am enjoying every minute of it. 316 more words

Things I Love

Happy Earth Day 2014

Our April showers paused just long enough for me to takeĀ a walk this afternoon and snap some photos of our spring blooming trees in honor of Earth Day. 14 more words


Don't make me blush...

Dear Friend,

I am currently loving all things blush. From wallets and notepads to dresses and flats, this lovely hue has been popping up everywhere. I’ve picked out some of my favorites and added in some gray for good measure. 47 more words

Dear Friend

I adopted a new doggy

I saw on Facebook that my dearest friend who’s like a freakin animal lover x 1000000, a foster dog momma, will drive 100s of miles to save dogs from being killed at Kill shelters, a true saint I tell ya posted a shared posting for a purebred Min Pin that is coming with pedigree papers and the owner no longer wanted her because she had become pregnant by her stud purebred Pug and because she had had sex with a race other then her she was considered tainted. 962 more words

Things I Love