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Secret Projects and Fairy Godmothers

Hello everyone,

I am sitting here with my cat, feeling a bit emotional because for the first time in probably a decade I have spoken with my Godmother. 357 more words



My sister bought towels for work! She asked me if I could embroider it for her, so that she wouldn’t get mixed up with her other co-workers towels! 54 more words


More than one way to bake a cake..!

Hello everyone!

What a week it’s been!

I was poorly on Monday, which in all truth was probably stress from work. Tuesday we went to a funeral, it was very jolly as funerals go, seeing people you’ve not seen for years, we also got to pay our respects at Grandad’s grave, I still miss him like mad. 416 more words


Choux's The Right

I’ve always enjoyed baking (which is good as I’ve always enjoyed eating).  Now my concoctions would never quite make it to the Great British Bake Off… 268 more words

Summer plantain tees - back to basics sewing!

Way back in Me-Made-May I realised that I was missing some wardrobe basics to help me put together an entirely me-made outfit.  At the time I made a few skirts and… 552 more words

Things I Made!

Blocking Lavender, Liquorice and Mint Leaves

Hello all!

I hope your weekend is starting well, unlike mine where. I am stuck at being very angry at someone at work and the unfairness of a certain encounter last week. 335 more words


Bread and Silicone

Hello all,

I hope you have all had a jolly week. Mine has been good and rubbish and stressful by turns.

I will gloss over the whole thing if you don’t mind. 274 more words