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Remember the Season

With Easter approaching, it is often associated with candy, and Easter egg hunts. Many people forget the reason behind the season: Jesus dying for our sins, and being resurrected. 42 more words


# 23 (2014) Advice

Always keep spare change in your car.

Speak your mind. Keeping silent is more damaging than people knowing where they stand.

No matter how bad it feels now, it will pass and at some point you won’t quite be able to remember how bad you felt. 77 more words

Things Moving Cross-Country Has Taught Me

I recently surprised my coworkers, friends, and family with news that I was moving from South Carolina to Colorado. Moving without a job or without any real contacts, just because. 601 more words


Disillusioned with life

It’s strange to think that when I was younger, I loved life even though I found it rough. People didn’t like me, I was picked on, but I loved life. 140 more words

The case of endless wanderlust... or things that travel has taught me.

noun: wanderlust
a strong desire to travel.

I love an adventure. Whether it’s exploring far off exotic lands or taking a road-trip around the countryside, I can’t resist the opportunity to discover somewhere new.

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Recent Musings

My First DC Update - Traveling, First Impressions, Anticipations, Vision Casting & More!

So this is my first official post from Washington DC and it feels great. Though I don’t officially live here yet, it feels like home already. 624 more words

Journey To DC

Friday Favorites #2!

Hallelujah, it’s finally FRIDAY!

Oh my goodness, has this been a LONG week.

I am so ready for this weekend. It’s supposed to be beautiful and I’m looking forward to getting outside and working in the planter boxes around my front patio. 660 more words

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