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DIY Matching Floral Crop Top and Pencil Skirt and 3 Things I would do differently

This summer after taking a loooong break from sewing (I’m talking like 3-4 years), while planning a trip to Miami I decided to make a matching crop top and pencil skirt out of this beautiful… 447 more words


the power of positivity

College this semester has been stressful. Theres been too many assignments, hours on end spent in the library and the occasional meltdown and wondering of “why am I even  830 more words

Thought Posts

Accidental Wisdom

You may already be aware that in February of 2012 I had a bad accident, falling ten metres from a balcony and breaking 17 bones, puncturing my lung and kidney, and sustaining a frontal lobe brain injury. 1,701 more words


What I've Learned So Far

I’ve been a Mommy for seven months and already I’ve learned quite a lot but here are a few.

Newborns sleep A LOT However, it doesn’t seem like they sleep much at night. 641 more words

First Time Mom

Learning on the job

I have always been a bit of a reader, and that is generally the way I learn best.  Of course it depends on the task – I tried to work out knitting once through reading and pictures and got all tangled up.   907 more words


Some Stuff I've Learned

1. Social media is a blessing and a curse. Try not to become too attached or you’ll end up torturing yourself.

2. Good friends aren’t all that hard to find, but they are hard to keep. 292 more words


10 Things I've learned about being the mother of boys

I love my boys with all my heart. But sometimes, they are a breed unto themselves. In the short space of 3.5 years, here is what I have learned about being the mother of boys: 920 more words