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Cat Lady Cardi

So, did you hear about the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge that Miss Crayola Creepy came up with? Brilliant idea (but then, I’m a cat lover, and I love sewing challenges, so I am somewhat predisposed to loving the idea!) – make up something using cat themed fabric. 634 more words

Things I've Made

Christmas Gift 2014 #1 DONE!

Everyone who has seen my knitting this has asked “Andi, what the fack are you playing at there?!” So, as you can imagine, they stopped asking in the end. 447 more words


Crafternoon How-To: Personalised Sharpie Mugs!

Hands up who’s seen the awesome sharpie mug tutorials on Pinterest?  everyone? GREAT (if not go and search immediately – I insist).  This simple but brilliant idea has been doing the rounds for some time so i thought it was about time I gave it a go.   402 more words


Crochet basket!

I’ve just finished my first large scale crochet project!  Hurrah!

I keep spotting rather lovely looking crochet baskets on pinterest, and considering that most of the patterns call for just one or two stitches I thought I’d give it a go.   215 more words

Two little polymer clay creatures

Here is another little one. It is cold outside so I’m warming my hands with clay. ❤️❤️

Things I've Made

Newborn Polymer Clay Monkey

Sleepy Newborn Polymer Clay Monkey ,now on eBay,

Things I've Made


This week, during a discussion on building lexers and parsers in OCaml, I got this program out to have another look at it. It is a program that I wrote during my first semester of college. 122 more words