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#Fam Mob #KillAllNiggers

What I’m about to show you is extremely disturbing, the video link below details a female nigger recording a large pack of niggers rushing in to a store while chanting “Fam Mob?” and senselessly attacking white people.   281 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Officer Shot in #Ferguson

According to the NYT’s today, another officer was shot in Ferguson, MO.  Of course, the media doesn’t give the race of the shooters, thus we can only assume that the shooters were niggers.   210 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Pilates With Soccer Moms

I never realized how surreal it was living in a college town. Everything revolved around the college and its students. When I rolled out of my apartment at 9 am in my pajamas during Winter quarter, I saw at least 10 other people in their pajamas as well. 360 more words


Paula Dean

Paula has had a hard time of things this last year…ever since that story of her being “racist” was released.  However, don’t we live in a free market society?   545 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Cell Phone Zombies.

I often spend the odd half hour upstairs in my little den on a morning that overlooks the road leading to our local school. Occasionally looking through the window watching the world go by while reading the usual shite on Facebook or Twitter  . 236 more words

Passing Time.

Gotta love those piss calls!

Not once, but twice tonight, I was invaded by the “unknown caller”.

Both times the caller, a female, asked to speak to either the “man or woman of the house”.   265 more words

Things That Make You Say "hmm..."

Rant on People Who Say "They Don't Need Love"

Relationships…  Yes.  Another rant about society and relationships and hold on, because this one is a doozy lol..

A little piece of me dies inside when I hear, “I don’t need love.  1,404 more words