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Cell Phone Zombies.

I often spend the odd half hour upstairs in my little den on a morning that overlooks the road leading to our local school. Occasionally looking through the window watching the world go by while reading the usual shite on Facebook or Twitter  . 236 more words

Passing Time.

Gotta love those piss calls!

Not once, but twice tonight, I was invaded by the “unknown caller”.

Both times the caller, a female, asked to speak to either the “man or woman of the house”.   265 more words

Things That Make You Say "hmm..."

Rant on People Who Say "They Don't Need Love"

Relationships…  Yes.  Another rant about society and relationships and hold on, because this one is a doozy lol..

A little piece of me dies inside when I hear, “I don’t need love.  1,404 more words



Have you ever noticed how proud niggers are of all their dubious “accomplishments?”  Due to how much they’ve been given, they want a pat on the head just for going to their job every single day.   439 more words

Nigger Arrogance

Red light cameras are fucking wrong!

Just a little pissed because I got a red light ticket in the mail.  I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.  I think I did a “California stop” on a right turn.  192 more words

Just Me

So you want to make the big bucks

From the perspective of  fast food workers, I can understand where they are coming from.  It is a lot to ask someone to support themselves and a family on a federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.   215 more words

Things That Make You Say "hmm..."

Affirmative Blacktion Niggers

Often times I get called a racist for having this blog and for the way I interact with the common nigger on the street.  Is it racist to imagine a world where when there’s a black man in power you instantly know it’s because he’s better then every other candidate instead of assuming that he’s there simply because of affirmative action?   470 more words

Nigger Arrogance