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They Were Just Like Us: Victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

 Karlijn Keijzer, 25

Before Ms. Keijzer left on vacation with her boyfriend, Laurens van der Graaff, she was working on a research project that had the…

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Didnt Read Facebooks Fine Print? Heres Exactly What It Says

It’s kind of creepy to think Facebook can see when you start to write a status update and then you decide against posting it and you don’t. 59 more words


A Tomato Tale

I really love the seniors.  I really do.  There certainly is a need to respect people who are older than the dirt they walk on, isn’t there? 321 more words


But For Guns...

“He’s still HERE!”

This is the recording of some of the 911 calls from terrified students during the Seattle Pacific University shootings in early June that injured three and killed one.



Nine years ago I took on a job that will last the rest of my life.  I became a mother.  A parent.

Nine years ago my husband took on a job that will last the rest of his life.  538 more words

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