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Still Standing Strong

A year ago today many lives were changed forever.

It should never have happened.  It was senseless to have happened.  In a city within a state where America was founded, people should be able to watch a marathon without suffering harm or being killed. 74 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Another wacko gone--GOOD RIDDANCE!

The world is a little less wacky right now because Westboro church founder Fred Phelps is dead.

If you know anything about the Westboro Baptist Church and its members, you know that these are the extremist nuts who blame every calamity in the country on homosexuals.  74 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Cob Smacked–WHY?????

I noticed from my den window groups of children led by three teachers gathering around a pillar box.
What an earth were they doing?

I watched closely and amazingly they are being shown how to post a letter. 113 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

The price of helping humanity

Ava Lins of Salem, MA has recently learned the price of helping humanity the hard way.

That’s because the 19-year-old has been taken “off the job” at the 7-11 where she works.  208 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

The rectangular screen

There’s no escape from the rectangular screen
Stuck on a wall where a fireplace once could be seen

It’s formed the mainstay of our modern life… 173 more words


Upskirt THIS!

Yesterday some moron in Massachusetts’ highest court ruled that it’s okay to take secret photos up a woman’s skirt.  This moron was a female judge, by the way.   179 more words

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