Tags » Things That Should Exist

Food Pills

Who: Anyone who wants a quick, easy, and efficient way of consuming food

What: A pill that would replace common foods. Each pill would replicate the taste of the food it replaces and would also consist of the same nutritional ingredients. 150 more words

Animal Translator

Who: Anyone who has ever wanted to understand different animal languages

What: An app that can listen to a variety of animal languages and translate their words into English. 130 more words

Sports Pundit Accuracy Tracker (SPAT)

Who: Sports pundits who get paid to make predictions about upcoming games

What: When sports “experts” on ESPN predict the outcome of future games, the channel will show how accurate they’ve predicted previous games in the same sport. 100 more words

Leftover Food Banks

Who: Anyone who has uneaten food that would otherwise go to waste

What: A food bank that will send a truck to your house that will pick up leftover food. 123 more words

Fading Highlighter

Who: Anyone who uses a highlighter to take notes but then wants to reuse or resell the marked up books in original condition

What: A highlighter who’s ink automatically fades in a year after being used… 106 more words

Indestructible Smartphones

Who: Anyone who wants a safer case for their phone without the extra bulk

What: A new version of the iPhone with a built-in protective outer shell that would always leave it without a scratch. 146 more words

Tasty Envelopes

Who: Anyone who dislikes the taste of the nasty residue when sealing envelopes

What: Envelopes would have different flavors on the seal that, upon licking, would both effectively seal the envelope and improve the envelope-sealing experience for letter-senders across the world. 89 more words