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11 The Immune System

The question I have chosen to answer is how does psychological wellness affect the immune system?


Answer 1: According to studies, conducted by Glaser, McGuire, Robles and Ronald Glaser, negative thoughts and emotions can bring health threats to us. 121 more words

Things To Come

Things to come...

In today’s number of blog posts, I talked about how that was going to be one of my last blog posts on this blog. I wasn’t lying. 250 more words

10 Science of Sex Appeal

What I found to be very interesting here is that there are many elements to what people think is sex appeal. It’s about the structure of everyone’s face, a woman’s sense of smell and her family, women being more selective of their mates, women tend to be more unfaithful when their spouses no longer hold the qualities they once had. 110 more words

Things To Come

Diving into the Deep End, and Other Updates

I’m about halfway through Little Women and almost done with An Abundance of Katherines. After I finish those (or either one, really) I’m going to embark on what will hopefully be a fulfilling and exciting journey… 153 more words

Coming soon!

Two weeks until New York and I have sooooo many amazing things planned for whilst I am there that it will make THE BEST READING!!!  68 more words

9 Environmental Health

Global Warming 101: In this video, it gives the viewer(s) the opportunity to understand Global Warming. The narrator explains about the Greenhouse Effect is causing the Earth’s temperature to rise. 674 more words

Things To Come