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"From Seinfeld to Snapchat" by Justin Cox, Backchannel/Medium

Another technology story, but this one touches on another thing I try to look at in my writing – the idea that as much as media, technology and communication change, we’re all still people trying to do and say the same things. 205 more words

Things To Read

"I spent a weekend on a cruise ship staffed by robot bartenders" by David Pierce, The Verge

I found this simultaneously interesting, kind of cool, and slightly disgusting. Not disgusting in the “foodborne illnesses leaping from reheated tray of food to reheated tray of food on a cruise ship out at sea” sense, but in the sense that this ship is running to give us more of an online, interconnected, networked and logged experience than a change to escape from it. 242 more words

Things To Read

"South" by Jake Christie, Medium

This is one of the first pieces I wrote for my flash fiction project Small Stories. It’s about seagulls (this story, not the project). 83 more words

Things To Read

sorry for the brief hiatus; here's some things to feast your eyeballs on

From tomorrow until Monday night, I’m going to be in Puerto Rico to present a paper — fittingly, a weird pop culture paper — at the National Women’s Studies Association conference. 407 more words


"Monkeys" by Jake Christie, Medium

Sometimes I get poetry and prose mixed up in my head, and I end up writing something like this.

Every story ever written is made up of the same twenty-six letters, just in different combinations.

56 more words
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