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At The Risk of Being an Asshole

Ever meet that boss or person placed in a leadership position that all of a sudden has become a total jerk? Some call them assholes in small circles in the office and others that have the ability call them out on the spot. 354 more words


Meet the Tardigrade

Awe cute.
Meet the Tardigrade!! They’re smaller than the tip of a needle. For everyone of us there are a billion of them. They can live in any kind of climate. 24 more words


How to Treat Puppy Strangles in Dogs

Puppy strangles (aka juvenile pyoderma and juvenile cellulitis)  is a serious dog skin condition that affects puppies 4-16 weeks of age. Some breeds of dogs are predisposed of this condition.  523 more words

Things You Should Know

Tick Removal

Ticks are small insects that feed on the blood of a host by using their mouths to latch onto the skin. According to WebMD, most tick bites do not cause serious health problems, but it is important to remove a tick from your skin as soon as you notice it. 272 more words

Things You Should Know


I am writing this blog with a very heavy heart, and also a new found energy and drive to get this rrruffstart program up and off the ground. 1,701 more words

Things You Should Know

Do Dogs Need to Be Tested for Heartworm Even if They Are on Heartguard All Year Long?

You know that canine heartworm disease can be deadly — so you’re always certain to give your dog his monthly heartworm preventative tablet. Since he’s on the medication year-round, why does your vet insist on a heartworm test before she writes you an annual prescription? 1,062 more words

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The Cost of Trading

If you have seen the movie “Wolf of Wall Street,” you should know that stock brokerages make killing profits when facilitating stock transactions.  Even though brokerage houses no longer make 50% commission on penny stocks, stockholders still need to pay a dear price when trading penny stocks. 803 more words

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