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6 things you should know before completing the Dirty Dash

I had my first experience with a 5k …..

I didn’t have many expectations since I am not in the shape I need to be yet.   456 more words


5 Things You Need To Know Before Moving Into Student Accommodation

From your first time doing laundry, to the first time you’re let loose in a supermarket to shop for yourself, here are 5 things you probably should know before moving away from home and diving head first into being a student. 407 more words


Why Families Should Not Breed Dogs

The Miracle of Life May Teach an Unexpectedly Dark Lesson

Every year pet owners breed their dogs, cats, rats, mice—whatever animal is at hand— in the name of educating their children about the miracle of life. 763 more words

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Things You Should Know About [US] Copyright

What is it and when does it apply?
Copyright is complicated and the nuances are still argued in court. I’ll give you some basics here, but I am by no means a copyright lawyer. 794 more words


How to Deal With Your Dog's Aggressive Behavior

For the most part, dogs are a wonderful part of the family and provide you and your loved ones with affection, entertainment and protection. However, there can be times when your dog acts aggressively toward other animals or even people. 312 more words

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Son, it's time we talked about sports...again

Hi folks. This post was originally published over 3 years ago when I’ve Become My Parents was still just a puppy and had about 18 subscribers. 1,003 more words


Why Dog Life Jackets Are Important For Your Pets Safety

You make your kids wear a life jacket when boating and swimming but what about your dog? Yep, a dog life jackets can be a life saver for your pet if he is ever in an accident in the water or for some reason forced to swim for a long period of time. 386 more words

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