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Lanzarote Report (and what's a thingy?) - thanks, John and José

John and Jose sent this great email after their walking holiday on Lanzarote. Their comments about the Lanzarote ‘Thingys’ raised a smile!

5 April 2014… 172 more words

Walking Destinations


It seems I’ve found someone I can’t get off of my mind. Damn, she is beautiful. She is smart, fun to talk to, and quite humourous. 134 more words


Happy Sunday Night

I think you’ve seen this photo before — my son Don and daughter-in-law Norita.  They were here earlier today visiting, well mainly Norita and I were visiting while Don looked like he was napping, except for cracking wise at a few comments once in a while.  570 more words

Train Wrecks

I had a great title for this, but I forget what it was.

Have you ever walked into a store and forgotten what you were going to buy, or why you walked in to the establishment in the first place? 498 more words



Why did no one warn me that university was going to be so stressful? They probably didn’t want to scare me away from the idea (probably a good move). 61 more words


A Blah Kind Of Day

Ya know those days when nothing happens to make it good or bad?  That was today.  Until a little while ago.  Yep, had a doozy of a train wreck. 492 more words

Train Wrecks


There are few things that piss me off in the world, and Green Peace is one of those things. It’s fabulous that you want to “save the environment” and all that, but please leave me out of it. 245 more words