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Short & Sweet - Nightmares

There was a believer who had very vivid and hostile nightmares, that some were even sexual in nature every night.

The believer could not figure out why, since they were not a violent person, nor did they give themselves over to pornography; yet these strong nightmares constantly intruded into their sleep time. 289 more words

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Think on these things : Rebellion vs. God's Patience

As we get older the fight seeps from us; the rebellion slowly dissipates. We begin to acknowledge increasingly the sovereignty and awesomeness of God. We begin to concede to Him and accept His ways; not in part but in its fulsome process. 17 more words


Think on these things : Recovery

Recovery, such an unfamiliar word, yet I have been doing it all my life. Now and forever, it seems I am required to do just that. 55 more words


Christian Living

Christian living is a myth in these times, and yet it is a harsh reality for those who fully embrace the beliefs; saturated by the spirit of it all. 298 more words


If Jesus came tomorrow, what would you do?

If Jesus came tomorrow, what would you do? Many of us are living in our flith and think that it is a bed of roses. Literally. 231 more words


Divine Appointment

Last week, I was breezing through the produce section of Wal-Mart. I only had a few minutes before I had to be to an appointment so I focused on my list. 368 more words

The subjectivity of problems

Is it possible that Paris Hilton feels her problems are as dyer and horrendous as a child, who is sold into sex trafficking, may feel that their problems are? 98 more words