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Simply the best

We are all here to be the best versions of ourselves, not lower our standards and adapt to what other people find easier to accept. You can never be too smart, original, beautiful, educated and good. 81 more words

the challenging concept of stillness

Be still. I feel like I only hear moms tell that to their kid when they’re sitting in a doctor’s office or sitting in church. Our society is always pushing us to do more and never stop. 509 more words

April 23, 2014: καλά

So my previous post cannot be considered my post for the day because I was overly excited and wrote random facts about myself. 

Today I realized that writing potential goes beyond writing a wonderful essay: its about questioning, understanding, and exploring.   224 more words

Poem 264 - Rousseau

He has only felt during the course of his life, and in this respect his sensibility rises to a pitch beyond what I have seen any example of; but it still gives him a more acute feeling of pain than pleasure…

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Why only we can think and other creatures not. Why only we evolved and not animals? Why only 1 species from over 1,000,000 species is able to think . 102 more words


In order not to decay as a nation, America will be forced back to encouraging all children in its schools to think. Yes, that’s right–think, because in thinking we increase our creativity which will result in a stable nation.

Cry freedom reflects to Cambodia

Today, I got a big lesson from the cry freedom movie in the part of the minister of police say to wood. This point minister of police, kruger, said africkaner is the man who builds up and protects the country so the white is deserved to rule the the democratic of south Africa. 155 more words