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Think smart, work smart and rest smart

Once there were a group of men – a young hot-blooded guy and a big number of old folks, doing timber job in a jungle (i.e. 331 more words

In a Thought

In a thought… I think of all of you. Those who have liked these blogs and with courage to follow. I think of you and I thank you. 116 more words


M is for NOTHING

Mediate. I like that word. I like the idea of two conflicting forces having something to negotiate and introduce calm. I enjoyed mediating when I have done so. 155 more words

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

The Other Half

~beginning of what I think could be a good idea for a novel

We think. That’s the only think we could do since we were born. 202 more words

A Feminine Universe

Creative University of Earthlings

Matthew Johnson

“A Feminine Universe”

This paper is in response to the article found here


The article is pushing the idea of primitive tactics of what a “healthy couple” should be and act like. 270 more words