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Something is missing

Its 11:20 PM here and I have one of those “overthinking” evenings, when I just cant make it stop. My brain is overwhelmed and tired from mulling daily events and failures all over again.  488 more words


My heart will go on....

Have you ever watched the Titanic film and as the boat goes down, hear those famous words ‘ My heart will go on’? Did this ever lead you to ask but ‘ Will it?’ What exactly is our heart? 315 more words


Find out what happened to my really mean video game store rant

I get annoyed easily. I also get angry a lot wtf. Oh, and I’m always angry at other people and not at myself. When I am angry at other people I often backlash against them wtf. 288 more words



I really want a CASIO TR100. It is a digital camera and the reason why I like it so much is because it is a twistable camera that can take front and back pictures. 336 more words



I remember writing about how habits make up our lives and how I wanted to be productive. Basically being “productive” was not wasting time on my laptop. 481 more words


What I Learned pt. 33

  • I can’t wait for the iPhone 6 to be released so that I can get the 5S dirt cheap.
  • I keep going to the market and totally forgetting to get my deodorant.
  • 232 more words

The Neuroscientist Will See You Now

Image: Daniele Oberti, Creative Commons.

Unintentionally, I think I might have started something. After my previous post, in which I discuss a weird brain moment my sister had (one of many, I assure you…) it appears that several of you have taken this as a cue to inundate me with your strange brain goings-on, followed by something along the lines of ‘explain, please?!’ Take this one, which my dad recounted to me in an email: 558 more words