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Pick 'n' Mix

What does it matter if we have a soul or not? I wonder, regularly, about those people who think that science is the be all and end all of everything. 330 more words


Capsule Wardrobe Update

Here are some more outfits from the last two weeks sticking with the capsule wardrobe. I don’t love every outfit but I’m starting to identify my favorite pieces and combinations.  421 more words

Motivation And Inspiration

Why targets are good

Targets are good. They work.

Comparing this quarters performance with last quarters, is good. It works

Benchmarking performance against a group of other organisations, is good. 790 more words

Systems Thinking


Define dérive: “the spontaneous exploration of urban landscapes guided by aesthetic instinct”

The Derive theory is one of the Situationist practices and is described as “an instruction manual for the psychogeographic procedure”. 402 more words


Edward de Bono

Who is Edward de Bono? 

That’s a question I first asked myself upon hearing his name, and after some research and reading, I’ve realised that I should have known Edward de Bono from a long time ago. 313 more words


Lesson learned

This is a fellow onion.
Look how sad she is.

We’d just finished, or rather abandoned, a project, so decided to do a lessons learned exercise. 217 more words

Systems Thinking

Zazen Earworms: "Weigh" by Phish

So, I haven’t updated my zazen earworms, but that’s not because I haven’t had any. I had the theme song from The Goonies the other day (more Cyndi Lauper) and “Afternoons & Coffeespoons” by the Crash Test Dummies (shortly following an email exchange with Brad Roberts, who is a super nice guy, btw). 199 more words