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Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind

Is an awesome place to be

Then you’ll find

That it is easier

To be happy

Peace of mind

Do you want to have it… 215 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

How About "Myself"? I Make Myself

The cultural primacy of making, especially in tech culture—that it is intrinsically superior to not-making, to repair, analysis, and especially caregiving—is informed by the gendered history of who made things, and in particular, who made things that were shared with the world, not merely for hearth and home. 366 more words


One Day is Better Than None

Whether  the corporate aspect of it bothers you or not, #BellLetsTalk day is an important one. For readers that are not Canadian, it’s a day where Bell donates 5 cents to mental health initiatives every time someone uses the hashtag. 158 more words


Love and Learn

I see the homeless as they are drinking, i see potential I see meaning, just a little love they need there way, if only 10 minutes is all you can stay. 32 more words


Expecting much

So, Where do i start with this one. When you have a family member who expects to be given a gift weather you like it or not forgive me for thinking, it is very selfish. 386 more words


Words --- the $0.25

I am in love with my professor’s vocabulary. She doesn’t speak to be questioned, yet she will make you wonder. My knowledge and use of vocabulary has been challenged and enlightened. 98 more words


Vision Board for 2015

During my Christmas holiday I discovered the blog Light by Coco, and it was perfect timing for getting motivated for the year ahead. It’s all about “living light” (and living well). 1,306 more words

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