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Michael Brown and Darren Wilson -- A Greek Tragedy?

I’ve been thinking hard about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. What happened and why did this young man end his life on a street at the age of eighteen? 1,178 more words



My thoughts are jumbled. They are noisy and confused and very small. Because I am small and without power and the world is noisy and confused. 1,351 more words


Thoughts While Shaving

There are a lot of things happening in the U.S. and around the world. Like many of you, my mind moves from event to event. Arranged carefully in No Particular Order (NPO) are some things I have thought about over the last day or two: 436 more words


The Third Reality

What about this?

I think that there are two types of reality, yours and mine.
There may be more but that would fall under the realm of either yours or my reality, in my view (or reality). 88 more words


Lately I’ve neglected my journal, my blog and most importantly myself. Not intentionally but simply because its crunch time for college students like myself. With finals only 2 weeks away, I find myself constantly searching for the energy to make it through finals and life in general while trying not to burn out. 354 more words


Fedoras and other hallmarks of failure

Have you noticed the HUGE amount of men in their 20s and 30s who wear Fedoras?

A fedora is a hat that Humphrey Bogart or Indiana Jones wears. 510 more words

Systems Thinking

Zombie life

Sometimes, well actually a lot lately, I feel like I’m floating through life in some semi conscious state, not really focused on anything. Dazed and confused and not able to concentrate. 31 more words

Chronic Illness