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pulses, optometry visits, and respect (this is a weird one)

I was busy typing away at some drafts on this blog, unsure of what to post. I was about to say good bye and call it a day, when I saw that I had hit 1000 pulses (aka blog hits) as well as 100 followers. 452 more words


Embrace Error

Despite what we might read in fairy tales or see in movies, rarely are things as clear cut as “good vs. evil.”  Situations and events are rarely, if ever, cut and dry, black and white, or whatever other dichotomy we as humans are so quick to categorize things in.  432 more words


Ms. Swift's lovely advice on unrequited love

If there is one thing that separates me from most teenagers, it is the fact that I seldom yearn for or speak of love and affection. 585 more words

The Creative Brain - Mark Beeman, Neuroscience Northwestern University

Where Ideas Come From: The Cognitive and Brain Bases of Eureka! Moments Mark Beeman, Neuroscience Northwestern University How does the brain produce those sudden…

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Critical Thinking Takes Courage

Critical thinking isn’t an entirely natural process; it’s one that requires courage.

For educators, as a term critical thinking is similar to words like democracy, global, and organic: You hear people use them all the time, but no one seems to understand what they mean.

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Wasting Time

I find that I waste most of my time. The only times I feel productive are when I am blogging, along with a couple other activities. 264 more words


Thinking About Listening - I Hear You Loud and Clear

I once took a class entitled “Oral Communication.” The specific thing that I remember above all others is that we only hear about 25% of what other people are saying. 540 more words