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The reality of death during life?

My thoughts on observing a post mortem examination

At 7:25 am, desperately wiping the sleep from my eyes and trying to put a mask of enthusiasm on my face (to absolutely no avail), I set off from home, pretty anxious about what I was going to see – a post mortem (PM).  1,028 more words

Thinking About Life

Stuck in the future?

“It’s not about cruel reality that is almost everywhere you look these days, there are always glimpses of hope here and there. It’s not about wanting to make up for the mistakes of the past to redeem yourself. 355 more words

Have you crossed the street?

“You know when you are crossing a street, how you look right and left even if it’s a one way street. And then all of a sudden when you’re in the middle of the street, this huge speeding van comes out of nowhere and you have to decide whether to run for your life, back down to where you started or let the van run you over? 25 more words

Real Life at Our House

Lately it seems I’ve happened across so many thoughts along the lines of~

Let’s be real, and

Stop making your life sound perfect.

I’m not sure what to do with this.   775 more words

Our Family

Born Czech

Jeden moudrý pán mi loni ve Slávii při večeři řekl něco ve smyslu, že zbytečně ztrácím čas tím, jak jsem stále jednou nohou v Česku. Bydlím v Anglii a stejně mluvím každý den alespoň chvíli česky, česky píšu, zajímám se o českou kulturu a společně s jazykem ji tady aktivně propaguji. 388 more words

Thinking About Life

When Jesus Lives in Us

The doors of the train opened long enough to allow the rest of my family and our friends exit into the station.  A man entered and the doors closed.   834 more words

Moving In Faith

The Puzzles of Life!

“It would seem very silly and a complete waste of time to sit down and finish a 630 pieces puzzle! But what I know is that by the time I was putting piece number 630 in it’s place, accomplishment filled my spirit! 57 more words