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Build Muscle Faster By Thinking Positive

In bodybuilding and any health recreation for that topic, your mind-set is without doubt one of the most vital elements. for those who don’t have the psychological strength to suppose sure when you find yourself struggling your are likely to get pissed off, give up extra simply, leave out periods or grow to be slack in your vitamin.

The Battle of My Logical Mind Vs. My Spirit

Part II of: Self Examination

It’s been a strange couple of weeks; in fact this year so far has been strange. At first I thought I was on some sort of Spiritual quest…turns out I’ve ended up on a journey of more about the way I think. 871 more words


(So)Phie's World

I don’t think I’m going to be saying all to much today because, quite frankly, I haven’t done very much. We all have lazy days. I didn’t wake up until 12:45 in the afternoon and I have no clue what the time was when I actually moved out of bed. 554 more words

Phie's Life

blurry world

Now that adulthood is closing in I have been thinking about the future, well if I’m being completely honest I have kind of been doing that since I can remember. 143 more words

I relativized

I have long lived in rehashing scenes … now I relativized . That does not stop the pain, but it allows us to see farther.How do I relativize ? 257 more words

Men's Thinking : Their Testimony

Rubbing salt in it

Today I promised myself a good day. I tripped up yesterday when I was tired and didn’t want to cook so I took my son and his friend out for a meal. 586 more words

The Beginning

I Love and Respect all People and thier points of views

Once you Figure out what you are after in life and who you are, you will understand its better just to love all people and respect their points of views. 208 more words