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Things I Know, Now

After 25 years in the sport you would think that I knew everything there was about training and racing for triathlons, yet I’m still reading about new ideas, practicing different things to improve my training, and rethinking things I had taken at face value.  1,274 more words


a note on empire

I do not know how to write about TV. And, frankly, I know too many people who write about TV so excellently that venturing into the territory makes me feel presumptuous and silly. 1,023 more words


Learning about INTJ personalities:Part 2

Here are some of the questions and answers that I picked on my most recent test. Now, I’m not saying that all people with my personality will pick the exact same answer but it is usually pretty close with what I have seen. 1,059 more words

Random Rambles Of Random Thoughts

It has been a while since I have written anything. I have had a moral decision in which I do not take lightly. Is it possible for someone to actually want to do something for others without doing something for themselves. 536 more words

The Come Back Story Of A Life Time

The Midnight Sky

I stare out at the midnight sky
Wondering why
I did the things I have done.
Asking myself,
Questioning each and every moment
That I spent looking, 80 more words


Tied in Knots

Tied in Knots (c) Marika Reinke 2015

habits are an impenetrable bind

Watercolor 8″ x 5″ 




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Fritjof Capra: The Systems View of Life

Creative Systems Thinking

“As the twenty-first century unfolds, it is becoming more and more evident that the major problems of our time – energy, the environment, climate change, food security, financial security – cannot be understood in isolation. 377 more words


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