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Language and Metaphors

Consider the following alternatives:

1. I suffer from symptoms of asthma
2. I have asthma
3. I am an asthmatic

Can you see the difference? Does the language with which we describe our illnesses matter? 632 more words


Quote: Alone

I don’t fear loneliness but I don’t want to be alone.

Some people say their biggest fear is loneliness. I could never relate. That’s just not something I fear.

64 more words

Mind vs. Heart

Second time around I get this feeling
Feeling the pulse in my throat meeting the same pulse of my heart
And it hits me, another case of getting over something… 239 more words


Short Circuit

A Thunderstorm of ideas
Short circuiting the brain.

A cloud of electrolytes  in disarray
Floods blocking the way

A clutter of data puddles
Swamped in muddled mud… 28 more words

i'm in college, y'all

I am a college senior studying public health.  This has been an incredibly long road for me due to lots of things, like life.  I started out like a young person should, right after high school, but that only lasted 1 semester because of, like I said, life.   476 more words


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  Albert Einstein

When working with clients it often emerges that the quality of their thinking is causing blocks to desired progress. 1,653 more words