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Daily Challenges

I once read a quote, many years ago. I cannot remember the name of the author, but it went as follows,

“Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” 204 more words


Living on Purpose

This past Sunday was a tough one for me at church.   I’ve been working with our teenagers for a couple of years teaching them and two of my children are in that Bible study.   1,728 more words

Family Issues

Just A Random Thought...

Have you ever wondered, which me is real? I wonder all the time. Having a multifaceted character may be common, but what if you never know which one is the real you, the genuine you? 38 more words

Whenever You Find Yourself Stressed...Read This

We’re all stressed to some degree nowadays. There’s a lot of pressure on us for some many different reasons. We have to meet deadlines for work, there’s bills we have to pay by certain days, we have to follow our schedules to stay ahead of the “game” in life. 238 more words

Perfect person?

I always tried to achieve this status, the perfect someone  with all the things that make you perfect, I didn’t go to extreme dont worry :) . 456 more words


Writer's Block

Someday some thing new
Maybe another person, another word, or even another dream
Will trigger the collapse of the obstacles in your way
The dam will break and creative juices will flow… 17 more words

Aesthetic Sense

Disconnect & Creativity

Metropolis life
Information addiction
Mental exhaustion

Far from media
Pockets of silence are found
Centeredness restored

Do you ever feel like you are addicted to information? 262 more words