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(Just Honest) Three

(Just Honest) Three

On this day of thanks
I’m reminded of what’s important
and who I’m missing
chased down for 2 long years
without an “I love you” near… 110 more words


Is she trying to tell me something........

Earlier on I’d been trying to sort out a problem
Not a big one – just one I could ponder about whilst I was on the back deck. 318 more words

Daily Life


Do you think fate is real? Do you really think everything has a reason for happening? I mean fate is something I have never really been able to get  handle on. 214 more words


An ongoing discussion about thinking

[Parts of an email exchange between a recent former student and myself about Thinking, Fast and Slow by Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics winner Daniel Kahneman… 233 more words


View from Orbit

You’ve got to wonder what an alien species would think of us…

Personally I think that if there is life out there, the fact they haven’t visited lately is the surest sign that they’re intelligent.

Writers Musings

Ideo Shopping Cart

Turning problems into solutions: Deep Dive Methodology

  1. Identify the need
  2. Define the criteria
  3. Explore/research/investigate
  4. Generate alternate solutions
  5. Choose a solution
  6. Develop the solution
  7. Model/prototype
  8. Test and evaluate
  9. Redesign and improve


Wow it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you guys! I figured that I would send a quick email to update you about what’s going on. 183 more words