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Clarity & Free

You know everything that I’ve been thinking

You see everything that I’ve been dreaming

You’ve made my heart feel this way

So meet me here, take away my fear… 91 more words


This Writer Wants to Write

I may not have a glass of liquor sitting next to me, in my case it is an open can of Coke Zero, but I want to write none the less.  501 more words

Daily Thought

Create the life you want

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. We want to much but never view the big picture, of life. Sit down and talk to me tell me what you want how far do you want to travel in my mind even my deep emotions!Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. 48 more words

Short Stories


Tonight I lay in bed unable to sleep because I have so many things going through my mind, each thought trailing into the next.
My thoughts are speeding past so fast, that I can’t catch one. 212 more words

Letting Go

Today I will focus on letting go.
Letting go of “certainty”.
Letting go of the concept of security and opening to uncertainty.
Letting go of the illusion that my perception is reality and all there is. 18 more words


The Silent Cry

Life ..is always so overwhelming for me. I always feel like I am literally suffocating. I suffer from anxiety and depression. That’s the first time I’ve ever admitted that but this is real life. 262 more words


Know that you can
die any moment.
Then you will learn to
Live every moment!


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