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The Aim of Aimless Thinking

A Skype contact recently told me he was envisioning apocalyptic scenarios. He’s an avid gamer, so I asked whether it had something to do with games. 352 more words

Shameless Ruminations

Day 17 Gray Area - Black and White Thinking.

The way I think is black and white. Yes and No. Black and White thinking has created a lot of negative effects in my life. However, I always saw it as a clear-cut picture. 361 more words

The Subtle Seducer

What would the world be without movies? I certainly cannot imagine. Stories told as moving pictures with vibrations of sound to match. It is beautiful. 708 more words


who else wishes their brain had an on-off switch?

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A few weeks happy then I’m feeling down, searching for something that I’ve never found.

Talking with people, being around.

listening to the music with out hearing a sound. 112 more words


90 Days Of Thought On The Wall

Source: Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes (1651)
The Ship Theseus from The Pig Who Wanted To Be Eaten by Julian Baggini

This is not what Ray North had bargained for. 631 more words


It's not stupid if it works (14 photos)

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