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What would you do...?

“If you are given a month time, you can do anything. Anything. What would you do?”

I am given a total of at least three months of sick leave since my physical injury, so that I can remain at home for the optimized rest. 134 more words


Trying to Think Positively...

Once again I haven’t posted anything new for over a week…

I have several subjects that I will share with you in the near future, just in the last few days I simply couldn’t concentrate on anything – the latest events have left me wondering what direction we will chose and if there’s anything that would put an end to this bold murder without causing more damage. 104 more words


"Good morning," you say. "Sweet dreams," I reply. "It's like I'm in China."

The sun was slowly but surely saying goodbye and the smeared bugs on my windshield glistened a pleasing shade of gold. I don’t remember where I was driving, what song was playing, or anything I’d done that day, but I remember the moment when I glanced up at the digital clock on my car’s dashboard. 97 more words

Do you believe in the Trinity? God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. What do you think?


you shouldn't have to fight alone, its nobody's fault but your own

loneliness is a strange thing. how is it that you can feel happy with the life you have and the people surrounding you, but completely alone at the same time? 1,050 more words


The Article on my Wall

There’s a piece of paper on my wall. A quill is imprinted with black ink and above, the words: “Seeking Aspiring Writers…to submit an essay on YOUR real life experience!” sprawled upon the header. 242 more words

High School

Nature allows pieces (and peace-s) to fall into place. Time away from the hustle & bustle energies often associated, but not limited to city life.

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