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Late Night

I’m lying awake here and it’s gone 4am. I could blame my job for my messy sleeping pattern as much as I could blame myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who lies awake at night pondering life amongst other things. 292 more words



Okay, so lets start this post over…

The Christmas season is quickly coming upon us, a lot quicker then many of us would like to admit I’m betting. 582 more words


Teenage Angst

Teenage angst, I wish that was my excuse.

I’m 20 years old, in college, economics major and yet still experiencing¬†teenage angst. ¬†Throughout my life, I was always told to move on, keep going. 246 more words


If You Read What I wrote, You would KNow All the Things I couldn't tell you

I can’t honestly tell you why we would never work because you are too sensitive to handle it. I can’t tell you I much I loathe the fact that every conversation that includes you ends up becoming completely about you. 261 more words



Time seems to be just blowing past me recently.
Like I’m in slow motion and the rest of my surrounding are in fast forward.
Kinda like I’m just floating though the past few days/weeks. 173 more words


Maybe I’m a cynical man watching a world through rose colored lenses. Maybe I’m actively seeking out the negatives while subconsciously pushing the positives to the side so that my cynicism can be deemed justifiable even though in my heart and in my soul, I know I don’t want it to be. 603 more words

Random Thoughts

Lately I’ve neglected my journal, my blog and most importantly myself. Not intentionally but simply because its crunch time for college students like myself. With finals only 2 weeks away, I find myself constantly searching for the energy to make it through finals and life in general while trying not to burn out. 354 more words