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Portraying Men on the Big Screen

So after watching this TEDx talk, I may or may not have had a thought:

What if someone made a movie, using a young poc man as the eyes and ears of the audience, as the lens with which we discover the world – and he ends up working with some kickass modern version of the amazonian warriors, or among a society that is unquestionably, powerfully matriarchal. 735 more words


Five Fun Science Activities

A carousel of fun science activities to get Guides working in teams and thinking a bit.

Around the room, set up a table per patrol.  They don’t need chairs. 332 more words



I admit it. I have s bias. If you have to be in North America. Portland is a place you have to check out. Not quite country not quite city but very very busy.


Dimensions of thought and Overthinking

I like to think of the term dimension as an aspect that adds possibilities, most people are familiar with spatial dimensions or time as a dimension, but this is about how we think in our day to day lives and how we use dimensions of thought all the time. 516 more words

Negative Thinking

“I m so stupid I can t even light the fire” “Oh, it is burning, I just couldn t see it from there. I m such a moron I can t even tell if the fire is alight” “I m not supposed to think this. 67 more words

The flow of Time

Again and again I see the same problems arise in different ways, but despite this there is still a world full of people who miss the point, they just don’t understand. 74 more words