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Once in a blue moon

Haha. To jump right into the topic, It seems that i don’t have a blogger’s touch of writing that often. I would like to apologize and yet i’d like to let you in a secret. 396 more words


What is life

Today I was moping around the house (or more specifically, still in bed at 3 in the afternoon) and I was complaining to myself about not being put down for shifts at work because: 276 more words



Here I was thinking of hope
The classic nostalgia
Of happiness

Brain dead emotion high
Literal words taken out
Of context by those electrical impulses… 114 more words


Like The Years It Takes For Vines To Reach The Gods Above

We don’t know
what tomorrow brings,
if the leaves will fall early in the summer
with fall bringing that cogitation
a little early
for you… 75 more words


What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Just read a nice article -

About different kinds of thinking:

I am FAR to – yeah – to explain it…so here’s the link.

He explains it so much better than I ever could. 231 more words

Life Concepts

The 90'S Cry Baby!

Remembering the 90’s!

Everything was jumpin!

The music, the clothes, and all the T.V shows.

Nobody looked the same, when I say “the same” I mean style, 165 more words


In Repair

If there is anything that I have learnt
through the years
of despair
and hatred,
the nights spent despising everything everything that we’ve become
and all the hopelessness… 176 more words