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Black holes and bewilderment.

I was reminded of this article recently

Food for thought. Illness is illness, wherever it’s located, it’s all real. ‘All in the mind’ is a real place! 152 more words


Sometime stream of conciousness

Your heaving wheezes
On my bony shoulder,

Your angered fears
My limp empty smile,

Anxiety fatalism,
Fatuous platitude.

Outside looking in,
Inside looking out,
Eyes never meeting.


Oh, Belfast

Yesterday morning I woke to the news that Northern Irish film organisations were facing up to 50% cuts to their annual budgets. It was not the nicest news to wake up to. 1,230 more words



too many broken relationships…

what she wrote, what happened to her, quite shocked me.

yes, because we are not only “moment in this space” but sometimes, in each other’s life too. 6 more words


The Bends

It’s three weeks since I returned from America; one week since I returned to work. A lot has happened. Not very much has happened. I’m slowly beginning to realise that I’ve managed to make the most almighty hash of re-entering the real world. 490 more words