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Girls are a welcome distraction from Job Vacancy Rejection Emails.

I still wait for the good news on the sweet Abarth enabling job. I think I am in the last four under consideration. I went to mass on Sunday just in case I needed extra help. 867 more words

The Mind.


quá là giỏi
mình phục mình quá đi!!!

mà càng phục lại càng thấy thương mình quá đi!


thi thoảng mà bánh bèo được 1 tí thì kể cũng tốt =))
cơ mà đành :D


The Postman

Isn’t it interesting how An Post appears to be doing so well.

If you think about it years ago it was supposed to die a death as a result of email, mobile phones and other emerging technology. 183 more words


Thin Around The Edges

This is not an admission of defeat. This is me confessing that, despite what I previously believed, I am not actually bionic.

The Jan who rarely drops the ball, who cruises on 6 hours of sleep, who acts on every idea, (no matter how idiotic), and reads entire novels before breakfast is going into hibernation for a while. 1,242 more words


The Futility of the Dáil our Irish Parliament.

I have considered this for a while and I think the Irish members of Parliament should have to do an exam before they run for election. 703 more words



I’ve just returned from the launch of the East Belfast Arts Strategy at the wonderful Strand Cinema, (which I can practically see from the top floor of my house). 1,226 more words


cõi nhân gian

vẫn vốn là

lạc hoa hữu ý

mà lưu thủy vô tình

đấy thôi