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No woman ever can be she of whom he dreams;
Nor can they give him comfort on the road.
Yet every night he plots and thinks and schemes. 218 more words


You were doing the foxtrot and he began to waltz,

Language has different rules.A language can be looked at as a game with rules.But the rules vary,That’s why perfect translation is impossible.Many different perceptions are linked into the vocabulary of each language.And the rules for combination are unique to each. 180 more words


Blaming Morse

There’s not a girl in Belfast as devoted to ITV3 as I am. I watch Marple, Poirot, Frost, Inspector Morse, Lewis… 824 more words


What if people could hear what you were thinking?

Even though I have just started this blog, I imagine this will probably be one of my more weird posts…

My job means that I am dealing with customers for pretty much my whole shift. 449 more words


Why Bother?

It’s been a very long week and it’s only Thursday. Despite the fact that things have calmed down a little in terms of readings and interviews, I can’t remember ever being this tired before. 839 more words


to believe

have faith, babyboy! :)

one (more) important thing in life is that you have something to believe, to hold on while maintaining the strength and balance to put yourself together when that belief collapses on to the ground! 9 more words


When Old Friends Let You Down

I’m a long term Bob Dylan fan so I know what it is to find myself a little disappointed with the odd piece of slightly inferior art. 802 more words

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