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The why of the house

The phrase “the window of opportunity” seems not wholly satisfactory
Admittedly you can see through a window unless you have thick net curtains but how many of us would be able to leap out of the window and seize the opportunity by the throat,if you see what I mean? 343 more words



This last week hasn’t been the easiest. I arrived back in Belfast ten days ago, after almost seven weeks adventuring around America and, while it was lovely catch up with friends and see family after so long away, and it was genuinely brilliant to get along to a couple of friends’ readings over the weekend, I have to admit re-entry has proved to be a bit of a crunch. 602 more words


Change is always good (not)

I listened to Brian Koppelman conduct an Interview with Seth Godin, and something Seth Godin said kind of threw me. At 24 minutes into the podcast he states that we survive by  “limiting our exposure to unpredictable change”, and “…moments of uncertainty represent change, change represents threat, threat represents fear…”, and leads to a fight or flight mentality. 336 more words


Homeward Bound

I’m sitting at the departure gate in JFK having a quick flick through the hundreds of photos I’ve taken over the last two months. This was not the wisest decision. 1,113 more words


Ten Things You're Entitled To Feel Smug About When Visiting New York

  1. Managing to get on the correct Subway train every single time. The folks who designed the New York underground system seem to believe that most New Yorkers run on a subtle blend of native instinct and hard-learned habit.
  2. 387 more words

"This Land Is Your Land" : Four Days in Washington DC

The thing about Washington DC is you have to brace yourself for the patriotism before you arrive. It’s over a decade since I last visited the nation’s capital, and as this was just about a week before September 11th I was prepared to encounter a very different city this time round. 801 more words


Thinking about my thinks

Quick post before I can’t keep my eyes open….
Because I have such a busy schedule, the drives between school, internship, and work are my best thinking times. 164 more words