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The Mind of Evil - Review

The Masters back with a new plot, this time he hopes to bring a new war to the world by using an alien entity that feeds on evil and fear. 446 more words


Inferno - Review

UNIT are drilling into the Earth’s crust to obtain a new energy source, however doing so releases an green oil that turns anyone who touches it into brutes who crave heat. 420 more words


The Ambassadors of Death - Review

The Doctor now working with UNIT discovers an entire species living under the surface of the Earth the original owners of the planet; The Silurians! 542 more words


111 - The Time Monster

I have only the haziest memories of first catching glimpse of this serial – my dad was watching it on UK Gold, who very helpfully liked to insert ad breaks into the middle of 25 minute episodes. 451 more words

Frontier in Space - Review

The Doctor and Jo travel to the future where they witness the tense relationship between Earth’s Empire and The Draconian Empire about to fall part, and discover The Master is secretly behind the scenes, provoking the two into an all out war. 556 more words


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveller by Joanne Harris

Following his showdown with the Great One at the end of Planet of the Spiders, the Doctor is nearing the end of his third incarnation. 368 more words

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115 - The Claws of Axos

This is a post that is sure to cause controversy! At the end of my previous post I had averred that there was a pretender to the claim of “Worst Pertwee Story.” Now at this point certain stories may spring to mind ( 569 more words