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Congregation, cinema and Day of the Daleks (1972)

Two Days stick in my mind. Day of the Daleks and The Day of the Doctor. Because I saw them both at the cinema. 1,078 more words

The Ultimate Third Doctor Cosplay

You might wonder why this cosplayer nails the look so well:

That’s because this is Sean Pertwee, who went as his dad’s most iconic role for Halloween.  ;-)

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The Daemons - Review

The Daemons once again sees The Doctor do battle with The master, though this time the stakes are higher as we see the deadly Azal. 520 more words


Hues, Heroes and Planet of the Daleks (1973)

Planet of the Daleks bursts on to your screen in a barrage of green, purple and sandy yellow. This is a story set on a jungle planet, so the green is given. 1,078 more words

Colony in Space - Review

Here we have the first off-Earth story ever recorded in colour, as well as the first trip in the TARDIS for Jo since she met The Doctor during his exile on Earth. 406 more words


9.2 - "The Curse Of Peladon"

Peladon is hosting delegates from the Galactic Alliance as it tries to join as a member but, on the eve of the conference, one of the King’s closest advisors is killed mysteriously and Peladon’s future with the Alliance is thrown into doubt as the delegates try to get to the bottom of the murder. 772 more words

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Sexism, soggy biscuits and The Time Monster (1972)

In 1971, producer Barry Letts and writer Robert Sloman co-wrote a season finale for Doctor Who.  It was about the Master disguising himself to infiltrate a small community from where he could summon up a powerful alien creature. 1,347 more words