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This isn’t mine, of course, but, but rather cool…It features Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor as the main character…


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The author of The Abbott Proof Fence, Vivien Fleming, is not new blogging and has built the successful Doctor Who Mind Robber blog over the last 15 months. 170 more words

8.4 - "Colony In Space"

The Time Lords discover that files on the extremely dangerous DOOMSDAY WEAPON have gone missing and decide the only person who can help them is The Doctor. 537 more words

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Doctor Whoniverse: Who's Your Favorite Doctor?

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I started hearing about Doctor Who back in 2011, and I finally got so tired of hearing about it and seeing references to it that I settled down and found the first episode of the new series: … 380 more words

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DW: Old Soldiers

Hi Guys,

I was watching ‘the web of fear’. It is not a suprise that i love the Story. I mean it was the 2nd Doctor and Jamie in it. 263 more words

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Photo Gallery: Spearhead From Space

The “photo gallery” is a feature is included on every classic DVD release (as far as I know) and is basically just a fancy slideshow of promo and candid production images from the story. 141 more words

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073 The Monster of Peladon

Season Eleven is trending in the wrong direction. The Time Warrior is far from a classic (or even a great season opener), but it is at least competent and interesting — traits in increasing scarcity over the next three stories. 1,934 more words

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