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9.1 - "Day Of The Daleks"

On the eve of a historical world peace conference, an assassination attempt on Sir Reginald Styles raises the alarm with UNIT, who are providing security, and throws the conference and the peace it’s hoping to maintain into doubt. 607 more words

Doctor Who

Puffin Novels regenerated

With Peter Capaldi’s debut Series ongoing, Puffin have regenerated their Doctor Who novels! Featuring Doctors 1-12, these books give new adventures for each Doctor, as listed below. 138 more words

Behind The Scenes

Carnival of Monsters - Review

The Doctor and Jo find them selves in some very strange situations before realizing they are in a miniscope! It can only be Carnival of Monsters… 468 more words


The Time Warrior - Review

The Doctor meets two big Doctor Who icons, the Sontarans and none other than the legendary Sarah Jane Smith!

Befe even get into the story we are treated to the fabulous new titles, all Pertwee’s titles are fantastic and this kick starts the great serial about to unfold.  578 more words


The Monster of Peladon - Review

The Third Doctor returns to Peladon 50 years after The Curse of Peladon. The Doctor and Sarah Jane discover a devious plot….

The sequel to… 478 more words


The Time Monster - Review

It’s the Season 9 finale and The Master is back to cause more trouble for The Doctor and Jo.

So the Master is back to cause more trouble for The Doctor! 468 more words


Doctor Who & The Silurians - Review

The Doctor and UNIT discover a brand new race living right under human kind! We’re introduced to the Silurians.

This story really kicks the Third Doctor’s era into gear. 617 more words