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New Moon/Solar Eclipse Violet Flame Crystal Grid

Hello Every One!
May this day and all others to follow continue to
Bring You Healing, Joy and Peace Within.

Here we find ourselves on this October 2014.

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Violet Flame

Wani Yoga & Throat Chakra

Study and practice of Yoga is incomplete without understanding the importance of the 7 Chakras. These Chakras are the real energy centers. Wani Yoga particularly impressive the practices involved in balancing Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. 372 more words


Third Eye Chakra

We are continuing our look at the different Chakras with the the 6th chakra known as the Third Eye.  This Chakra is the all knowing Chakra.   363 more words

Spiritual Journey

Crown Chakra

Here I am cogitating the 7th chakra and it’s gifts and challenges and I’m having a bit of a reflective moment. I’m feeling a sense of selfishness and fear that I allow in just fly out of me and am marinating in the love and contentedness I feel with the rest of the earth. 972 more words


Chakra Balancing

What are Chakras?

The belief in chakras originated in India and are applied in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is believed that Chakras are the major centers which our energy flows through. 710 more words

Soul Food