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[Deja Vú - quando os filmes imitam a realidade]

Foram dos dias mais marcantes da história actual, quando se pensava que a III Guerra Mundial iria começar – e esses treze dias da administração Kennedy são contados neste filme de forma profissional. 473 more words


The Influence of Domestic Politics on The Cuban Missile Crisis

On Monday 22nd October, 1962, President John F Kennedy addressed the nation on television to announce a decision to place a quarantine around the island of Cuba, a decision that was in reply to the “secret, swift, and extraordinary build-up of Communist missiles on the island”[1] and one that would threaten to take not just the United States but the entire world to “the abyss of nuclear destruction and the end of mankind.”[2] This resolution was a result of six days of intensive, stress-ridden meetings that considered the consequences of each response to the Soviet placement of nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba, a mere 93 miles from the coast of Florida. 4,179 more words

American History

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