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Deadline: Minus 30 days

I’m doing research, can’t you tell?

My choice would be to have the story in mind then do targeted research. To date, it’s been an efficient process and as you’ll soon see, if I don’t focus my research I tend to drown in it. 318 more words


Inside the Author's Head

The actual process of writing a book is nowhere near as romantic as one might think. It’s full of hills and valleys, broken pieces, dead ends, distractions, frustration, procrastination and slogging. 386 more words


day 00: discovery

For a while now I can’t seem to have any inspiration for the next chapter and it’s killing me :/ so I was browsing Tumblr, when one of my favourite Sherlock blogs of all time reblogged  69 more words


Sightline Readers Present: Being a Mindful Franklinist and Bat Mitzvah

Today I had the good sense to grab my reading glasses before I came into the room where I keep the computer. I can see the words as I type them. 844 more words

Day Nine: The Day I Cheated

Technically, this is day ten. But! I was unable to put these words down yesterday. As disgusted as I was at myself. You see friends, yesterday, I cheated. 902 more words


day six

day six — the value of summer vacations (and vacations and holidays in general)
college might be the last time in your life that you have allocated summer vacations (unless you’re planning on becoming a teacher or something along those lines), and i found myself taking these specific vacation and holiday times off for granted. 297 more words


day five

day five — the freshman fifteen.
one of the biggest myths surrounding your first year of college has got to be the one of the freshman fifteen. 437 more words