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Making Friends Is Hard To Do

Making friends is hard. Maybe not so much if you’re 6, but at almost thirty, I’m finding the task harder and harder.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here before but I have a background in theatre and (try to) work as an actor in Chicago. 506 more words


July 21st 5PM

Really was determined to spend day focused on writing book but is very hard to keep up commitment when sun is blazing in the sky and house is actually like box of ice. 155 more words


Adscititious Info on a Thirty-Something. Who's Involved. And also, into a Few Things.

Seventeen summers ago, I measured 4 foot,10 inches and stood somewhere in the range of eighty pounds, sopping wet.  I was this teeny, lippy, little knock-kneed thing who, thanks to my mother’s urging, had an uncanny ability to discuss politics with adults who pretty much defined the political agendas of those days.   411 more words

Julia, I get it.

Yep. Julia, I get it. And I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention before. Ever seen Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Serandon? Yeah, I cheered on Jenna Malone while she snubbed the new mom in town. 476 more words

Women In 30's

for only $3.99

Saturday, while walking through Ross, I found myself standing in the clearance aisle fixated on an object on the shelf, paralyzed. It’s as though there was a symphony of thoughts taking place within my mind as I looked at this thing, all of which took place in a span of 30 seconds. 727 more words



My parents took the dog and left town for a few days and I agreed to look after the cat in their absence. Seven years ago, this cat was supposed to be mine, but he took to my mother so strongly that there was no way he’d happily move out with me when I left five years ago. 671 more words


The Reminder

From the moment my feet felt the carpet, everything went wrong. The dogs were being difficult. The little one made a mess in the house. The bigger one kept jumping up and pushing me in his excitement as I was getting his breakfast ready. 509 more words